Digital Dispatch: Web Design at the Hirshhorn

Thursday, March 10, 2011 at 10:34 am


Teen designers work together to build a larger than life website main page

Can an artwork inspire a website? ARTLAB+ teen designers are developing websites inspired by the Hirshhorn Museum art collections. After exploring the collections, teens identified a concept they could expand into a personal website expressing these ideas. Here's what teen designer Diamond had to say about her website idea: "Because I love black and white photos, I was really attracted to some of the pieces without color in the Hirshhorn. I'm thinking the theme of my website will be black and white. In some ways black and white images can be more powerful than color ones, especially when it comes to portrait photography of people, or some mediums such as watercolor, ink, and polaroid photography."

Last week, the teens set the stage for their websites by building wireframe prototypes. To get started, the teens spent some time experimenting with this on a large scale. Teens were challenged to to build the main page of a website on the "computer screen": a large taped off square on the floor. Teen designers worked together to determine what components a music website for teens would have. Aside from the typical web elements - banner and navigation sidebars - the teens came up with some features to catch their audience's attention, including an artist of the day and lyrics of the day feature. These features were written on large pieces of paper and arranged on the "computer screen."

Teen designers used this large-scale exercise as the jumping off point to start building wireframes for their own websites. Here is Nazirah's Cacoo wireframe for her photography website.

Stay tuned for the teen designer's final work. In the meantime, check out the ARTLAB+ Web photo set.