Common Problems in the Bathroom and Kitchen Plumbing

Fixing the sink or the faucet can be a mind-boggling task despite the number of do-it-yourself manuals and instruction videos nowadays. Whenever you have a problem with your plumbing works, you should not take chances just like you would with your electric sockets and switches. Call the nearest plumbing services company in Singapore in case you encounter any of these common plumbing problems.

Common Problems with the Sink
Whether it’s the kitchen sink or the bathroom sink, they always have the same problems. Fortunately, most of the common sink problems can be fixed without a professional, but calling a reliable plumber is still a better option to avoid bigger problems from do-it-yourself fixes.

• Clogged drains
When moving into a new apartment in Singapore, it’s not uncommon for the residents to have clogged drains due to accumulated debris and food left by the last tenant. When this happens, instead of relying on commercial chemicals for clogged drains to clean up the blockage, call a reliable plumber to inspect the sink.

There might also be other problems that have been overlooked if the clogged drains haven’t been addressed by the previous tenant. The licensed plumber will also give you tips on what to do to avoid clogs and when to schedule preventive maintenance of your plumbing works.

• Leaks in the sink
Check the area under the sink for any signs of leak, because the accumulation of waste water can attract bacteria and vermin and will also make the kitchen or bathroom stink. Any leaks under the sink might be caused by a faulty drain basket that might have been installed improperly.

Call a 24 hours plumber if the leak is bad because it could also create problems in the structure around the sink. The Singapore plumbing contractors might have to replace the drain basket and seal it properly to avoid leaks in the future.

Common Problems with the Toilet
Call a 24 hours plumber if you’re having a problem with your toilet, because it could inconvenience everyone at home. Do not wait for it to overflow or leak before addressing the problem.

• Flusher Problems
Check the flusher if it responds normally then check if the water level drops or rises at it should. Toilets that have not been maintained are prone to phantom flushing, double flushing, and other problems which could waste a lot of water.

• Tank Problems
Call a licensed plumber if the tank fills up slowly with water or if there are unusual sounds coming from it. The plumber will also inspect the flapper balls or float balls, handle, lift wire or chain, and flush valves.

Common Problems with the Drains
Clogged drains are also a common plumbing works problem that can be addressed without the need of a plumber. But if cleaning the drain stopper does not solve the problem, there might be a more serious issue that will need the expertise of a reliable plumber.

• Clogged Drains
The plumbing services company might need to look at the drain pipes, especially the drain elbow joints to see what is blocking the flow of water. The plumber might recommend a general cleaning of the drains and stoppers or the pipes and joints might have to be replaced if there are leaks and damage to the plumbing pipes.

• Clogged Kitchen Sinks
The kitchen sinks have issues of their own, especially if your pour down oil and grease down the drains. These could solidify and block the flow of water. Call the plumbing services company to inspect the drains for a possible solution. If the problem has been around for some time, there might also have been a problem with the installation and design of the drain pipe venting and drain pipe slope. Call a plumbing contractor if the kitchen sink needs a renovation.

Common Problems with Fixtures
Bathroom fixtures can easily be replaced with the right tools, but you should not tamper with them if you have no experience or training.

• Dripping Faucets
This problem not only wastes water, but it could also waste your money. Faucets must be properly installed by a plumber to prevent problems like these. Call a plumber if you see or hear anything unusual from the fixtures such as a loose valve, worn-out washer, squealing or humming noises, vibrating parts, cracked or discolored handle, corroded parts, and worn-out screws and clips or valves.

• Broken Water Heater
The plumber does not just fix faucets and toilets, but they are also experts at water heater troubleshooting. If there are problems in the consistency of the water temperature or if the water heater is not working right, call a licensed plumber to inspect the unit.

If you’re planning to install a water heater at home, you should hire a plumbing contractor to make sure that there will be fewer problems in the future, then schedule a routine checkup of the heater to avoid major problems.

Common Problems with Bathtubs
Fixing the bathtub won’t be easy if you’re inexperienced, that is why you should call the nearest plumbing services in Singapore if you experience any of the following problems.

• Bathtub Leaks and Overflows
If the water from the bathtub won’t drain properly, the use of a plunger usually does the trick, but this will not solve the underlying problem. Call a reliable plumber to inspect the drains and pipes, because these are usually hidden from sight and inaccessible.

Do not ignore overflowing water or leaks because the pipes underneath can also damage the structure and affect the units below your apartment. In severe cases, you should hire a plumbing contractor for a remodeling of the bathroom to fix the problem.

• Bathtub Faucet Problems
Dripping bathtub faucets should not be ignored because they affect your monthly water bill. Call a licensed plumber to inspect the bathtub and determine if the fixtures need to be replaced. After all, fixing the bathtub fixtures is a lot more complicated than fixing the faucets on the sink and shower.