10 Tips for Picking Your Wedding Reception Music Playlist

Hiring a wedding live band to play during your ceremony or your reception does not mean you’re supposed to leave the decision-making to the musicians. A wedding is an intimate celebration with family and friends, therefore, your wedding music playlist should reflect you and your partner’s preferences or tell a story of your love. But how do you do that? Here are tips to make the selection of wedding live music easier.

1. Make sure the acoustics of the venue will do your wedding music justice

Inspect the venue in Singapore with your wedding coordinator to make sure that the type of music you have in mind is suitable for the indoor or outdoor theme. Intimate love songs are more suitable for indoor venues, while loud, dance music is better in open venues where there is enough space for people on the dance floor. Some indoor venues are also designed with good acoustics to accompany a wedding live band at the reception, so keep this in mind when picking a venue.

2. Listen to the wedding live band performance sample

Before finalizing the list of songs to be played in your wedding and signing a contract, make sure that you hear the wedding live band in Singapore. If they cannot play a wedding live music that meets your expectations, you still have time to look for another wedding live band. If possible, try to hear them perform live, but if you were given pre-recorded samples, make sure that the same people in the recording are the same musicians who will be playing the wedding live music.

3. Pick specific songs for important events in your wedding

Playing the right songs at the right time can make a lot of difference during the celebration, which is why your list of songs should include tunes that your guests are familiar with or can dance to, as well mellow songs that can be played as background music for dinner or cocktail.

4. Make a list of songs that should not be played

It’s a lot easier to list songs that you don’t want to be played on your wedding than deciding which songs should be played. Talk to your partner, wedding coordinator, and the wedding live band manager about the playlist if you need suggestions.

5. Choose the first dance song carefully to set the mood

If you want your guests to participate on the dance floor, the first song should be familiar to most of them to set the mood right. But how do you find something in common between older guests and your young friends? The wedding live band like white ribbon from Singapore might be able to help you on the song selection because they are more experienced with weddings, but you can also suggest a mix of old and new dance tunes that most guests will recognize.

6. You might want to take up dance lessons with your partner

One method to make your guests participate in open dancing is to do the opening act with your partner, but if you both have two left feet, you might want to take basic dance lessons weeks before the event. Find a dance tune that you both like and practice getting the right timing. A choreographed dance number will also encourage the guests to show off their dance skills.

7. Asking your friends/relatives to play might be awkward

While it might be a charming idea to have family and friends participate in the wedding programs, it’s better to leave the wedding live music to professional musicians to give all your guests time to enjoy the food and the occasion. You’ll be placing the person in an awkward situation where it is difficult to say no, but if your friend agrees to play a musical instrument or sing a number, you should give him/her time to practice with the wedding live band if it’s a collaboration.

8. Pick the best sound systems for a live band

Different parties might be responsible with the sound system for the wedding venue. If the wedding live band cannot provide their own sound system, you might want to bring it up with the venue coordinator or the events planner. You will also be advised to test the sound system days ahead of the event to allow the wedding live band to do a sound check and determine whether you need better or more equipment. It will all go to waste if your sound system is garbage even if the wedding live band you hired is good.

9. Consider other musical styles when making a playlist

If you have no other music preferences besides contemporary pop music, you might want to ask for advice from the wedding live band or your wedding coordinator in Singapore. The more variety in your music, the better. This will also give an idea about how good and experienced the wedding live band is when accommodating requests. Some bands will also offer to fill up music selection program for you if you’re planning a four to five-hour wedding reception, including an open dance for guests. Review the list before the final rehearsal, but you should also give the wedding live band some room to do their magic.

10. Consider using the live band for the pre-ceremony, processional, and recessional

Don’t stress over how the band will be able to create the right music for a specific event in your wedding, especially if you’re planning to hire them for the ceremony before the reception. Most wedding live bands in Singapore are experts at creating the right mood for their clients, after all they are professional musicians. Don’t hesitate to discuss this in detail with the musicians, so they would get an idea about the kind of atmosphere you want to achieve.

Bridal Bouquet Styles You Should Consider

With so many bridal bouquet styles to choose from nowadays, the preparation can be stressful for couples who have no idea how to go about the process. To help make your selection easier, you need to work with a professional wedding florist and study the different types of bridal bouquet styles listed below.

Arm Sheaf. This style is made up of long-stemmed wedding flowers and foliage arranged to be carried with one arm. The bridal bouquet will rest on the arm as if the bride is carrying a baby. It’s a classic style and perfect for ladies who want a rustic, classic wedding theme.

Ballerina. The ballerina bridal bouquet looks similar to a posy, but it has a more flamboyant style and includes more embellishments. It has fewer flowers, however, and has a tulle fabric wrapped around the wedding flowers.

Basket. As the name implies, the bouquet is arranged in a basket, perfect for garden and outdoor weddings.

Biedermeier. If you love layered and colorful bridal bouquets, the round shape of the Biedermeier is perfect for you. You can play with the color scheme and the texture of the flowers to create a statement piece.

Crescent. The flowers are arranged so that the bridal bouquet from Singapore looks like a quarter moon. If you want to make a lasting impression on your guests, you can awe them with this unusual style using colorful flowers. What’s great about this style is that you can work with the wedding florist in Singapore to create flowing or trailing stems that can be carried with one hand below the waist.

Composite Flower. A composite bridal bouquet looks like a single flower, but it is made up of several flower petals arranged into a bouquet. It can be a statement piece, but it is also attractive for its simplicity in the design. The wedding florist usually recommends this to brides who want to wear the classic stark white wedding gown.

Cone. The flowers are arranged in a cone-shaped holder, perfect for your entourage. It can even be used as floral decor on the wedding venue tables.

Fan. Flowers are attached to a fan, a style reminiscent of Victorian style. The wedding florist might recommend this to brides who want to try something different for their wedding besides the usual bouquet of flowers.

Hand-Tied. This is perfect for brides who do not want to carry a bridal bouquet throughout the ceremony. As the name implies, the flowers are styled so that they can be tied to your wrist with fabric or ribbons. The wedding florist recommends this style for weddings with outdoor or rustic themes. Pick only the freshest flowers and add more green colors to achieve that natural look.

Muff. This style is perfect for vintage weddings. The flowers are arranged by the wedding florist in Singapore to look like a corsage so that the hands of the bride will rest on a muff.

Nosegay. A nosegay is similar to a posy bridal bouquet, but it’s smaller and more comfortable on the arms because of the tightly-wrapped stems. It has more leaves and stems to make it appear as natural as possible, and sometimes includes a metal holder for extra comfort. The wedding florist recommends this bouquet for the bridal entourage to complement the bridal bouquet.

Pomander. A pomander looks like a round bouquet, but it has a ribbon handle that can be tied to the hand. It can also be used by the wedding florist in Singapore to decorate the wedding venue. They can also be carried by the bridal entourage to distinguish them from the bridal bouquet.

Posy. For brides who do not want to carry various flowers and want to stick to just one-color scheme or flower species. A posy bridal bouquet can be carried in one hand and decorated with small embellishments.

Prayer Book. The flowers are placed on the book to create a small corsage so that the bride can carry the prayer book during the wedding ceremony. It’s perfect for brides who want to try something new.

Round. As the name implies, the flowers are arranged so that the bridal bouquet is shaped like a dome. This is mostly used for monochromatic wedding flowers using only one species of flowers, but you can also use different colors and various embellishments on the handle.

Scepter. Want to show something dramatic to your guests? The scepter bouquet is shaped like a large wand using cords, ribbons, and various ornaments to create a unique piece.

Shower or Cascading. For brides who want an extravagant bridal bouquet to complement the luxurious floral decor of the wedding venue, you can ask you wedding florist to customize a shower bouquet with dramatic flowers spilling over your hands. You can play with different colors and species of flowers to achieve the effect you want to create.

Tussy-Mussy. The name refers to the bridal bouquet holder for some of the styles included in this list such as nosegay. The wedding florist might recommend one of the several styles and colors of the cone or holder not only to complement the wedding flowers, but to make sure that you’re comfortable throughout the ceremony. It can also be used as a keepsake for the guests.

Wreath. This bridal bouquet style is perfect for brides who do not want to carry large flowers during the wedding ceremony. The wedding florist can customize the flowers and the style for you as well so that it complements the wedding dress. It is less formal than the other bridal bouquet styles listed here, but it’s perfect for outdoor and casual wedding ceremonies. They can also match the floral decor of the venue.

Wrist or Flower Bracelet. This is perfect for brides who want to carry a simple bridal bouquet with a few flowers. It’s a perfect alternative to traditional bridal bouquets because the flowers can be worn on the wrist, so that the bride’s hands are free.

This list is compiled in no particular order.

A Quick Guide on Choosing the Wedding Ring of Your Dream

Choosing a wedding ring is a big decision to make among couples. For males who want to surprise their beloved with nothing but the best, the look on their faces when they present the right ring is invaluable.

There are factors to take into account when it comes to choosing your ring. Creativity is prevalent nowadays. While there are those who stick with buying the traditional golden engagement ring, more and more couples opt for platinum and titanium based rings. The latter is noted to take on a more modern feel, and they come in various designs to cater one’s aesthetic.

Shape is also one huge factor when it comes to determining how your rings will look. Some rings are designed large in size, complete with gemstones and crystals to complement the look. While there are also small-sized rings which is perfect for couples who prefer minimalist designs. As the old adage goes, simplicity is beauty.

You don’t necessarily have to get the ‘perfect’ ring. Perfection can be hard to attain, if not impossible on your wedding funds. What’s important is you and your partner choose the ‘right’ ring.

But since your wedding ring is generally something you’ll wear for the rest of your life, it must then be chosen with all the considerations taken into account. Whether you may want a simple traditional band or a ring which takes on modern designs, this article will present relevant information in order to help you choose the right ring.

Choosing the metal
Precious metal comprising your proposal ring is one factor to begin considering. There are various metals to work with for your desired ring and they come with different and unique styles. Some are more suitable than others, although it still all boils down on your decision in the end.

• Yellow gold
Arguably the most common and highly revered choice, yellow gold for customised wedding bands Singapore remains to be the best option among many traditional couples. If you and your partner are planning to wear the ring on a daily basis, consider buying a 9 carat, 14 carat, or 18 carat gold wedding ring at most. These are the rings which are likely combined with strong metals, making them suitable to the demands of everyday life.

• White gold
White gold remains to be popular in Singapore as well, especially among couples who adore the simplicity and gorgeousness of its appearance and also to those who desire something less flashy than yellow gold. This ring is considered to be a perfect complement to a platinum ring. In order to enhance their appearance further, white gold rings are usually coated with Rhodium.

This coating is likely to wear off and fade over time, but it’s nothing to worry about. It can be easily re-applied by various jewelry makers. In doing so, your engagement ring will effortlessly appear brand new.

• Titanium
Rings made out of Titanium are considered relatively new, as this trend only began recently among wedding rings. The chemical element is then considered a modern jewelry metal. In comparison with palladium and platinum (also common metals), Titanium has a remarkably different color, higher resistance to scratching and marks, and a lighter weight when worn on the finger

There are also other contemporary metals with more or less similar properties and appearance with Titanium you can choose from; such as Black zirconium, Tungsten carbide, and Zirconium.

• Platinum
Platinum wedding rings are also increasingly popular among couples in Singapore. Modern couples opt for this choice because of its practicality. While it is rarer and much pricier than gold, a platinum wedding ring lasts forever without a scratch. The white-colored metal is also notably tough enough to withstand everyday wear and tear, making it perfect to wear on the daily. This can also be a great and poetic symbol of your love.

If platinum isn’t friendly on your budget, a palladium wedding ring can also be a great alternative. It has a similar appearance to platinum but you don’t necessarily have to break the bank in order to buy one.

Choosing the shape
After you’ve settled on your desired metal for the rings, the next step brings you to consider the shape of your wedding ring. Does it complement your engagement ring? Can you see yourself wearing the ring every day for the rest of your life? If so, then you are one step closer to finding the ‘right’ ring for both you and your partner. It is essential that you ensure your engagement and wedding rings sit well together.

If you’re looking for something unique, consider a shaped wedding ring. They are also known as fitted or curved rings, and they come in a wide variety of designs. Some of the most common include a Z-shape, a delicate curve, and a cut-out in the ring.

Choosing the diamond
Last but not the least, it is also important to consider if you’d want to include a diamond (or other gemstones) on your ring. Diamond rings are revered as fashionable, making them common among popular wedding ring choices as it provides an elegant backdrop alongside your engagement ring.

Common diamonds and gemstones in wedding rings include brilliant-cut or round diamonds, princess-cut or square diamonds, emerald stones, marquise-cut and pear-shaped precious gemstones. The more unique the diamond shape, the more glamorous the wedding ring will appear. Consequently, unique diamonds and stones will also cost you more.

Weddings are among the highlights of one’s life. It is also generally a once in a lifetime event, which makes it fitting to desire nothing but the best especially when it comes to your wedding rings. With a plethora of choices, it is easy to get overwhelmed in the process. You can make the task easier by taking into account your personal preference, practicality (when worn daily), and the overall price. Choosing the ‘right’ ring doesn’t have to be exhausting. Happy searching!

5 Must-Dos Before Booking a Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

Weddings are among the most important days to cherish in one’s life. Preparing for one likely means you’ve spent a good amount of time and money for wedding preparations such as reserving a ceremony venue or booking a beautician. Since weddings generally happen only once in a lifetime, it is only natural to want to look good for the big day. Pictures and videos will bear testament to the event for the rest of your life — hence it won’t hurt to shell out hard-earned cash to look your best.

The solution? Hire a skilled makeup artist in Singapore who will offer you the best beauty and cosmetic services for a justifiable price. Securing a deal that won’t hurt your wallet is important, considering there are other aspects to wedding preparations you also have to take into account. The process of finding the right stylist might be tricky, though. Which is why you have to invest patience in the search if you want nothing but the best.

If you are not sure as to what you should do first in this search, breathe. It’s okay if you’re unsure as of the moment. In fact, a lot of brides-to-be do not have a single clue as to what they must do or what they must be looking for. You will soon find what you’re looking for, or at least in the process, figure out your desired look for that big day in your life. Hence before you go and book a makeup stylist for your wedding, this article will present 5 must-dos in order to help you get oriented with bridal beauty basics you need to know.

1. Conduct your research

Research has never been this easy when we can now gather thousands of search results from one click alone. If you’re looking for suggestions on bridal stylists, you can easily find results in a simple web search of the words “bridal makeup artists in Singapore”. Chances are there’s also blog reviews about their services, and reading through them can give you a glimpse on the experience you may have. If you’re a little skeptical, word-of-mouth or personal recommendations from people you know can go a long way as well.

2. Find possible makeup artists early

With the fair number of renowned beauticians in Singapore, you might think it’s easy to book the services of one at your disposal but the truth is—booking the best makeup artist might get a little intense especially around the wedding season of June. It is then wise to start sifting through potential stylists a few weeks before your wedding. This will give you enough time for consultations or even make-up trials, saving you from any headaches if you delay any longer.

Ideally, you would want to work with an artist who you get along with. You have to consider the frequent number of times you have to meet-up in the following weeks, hence choose someone who makes it a pleasant experience for you. It is also ideal to book the services of a stylist who can bring your vision to life. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, more or less, and you’d naturally want everything to fall accordingly to your favor.

3. Step up your skincare routine

Pampering your skin a few months before the big day is important. Almost every makeup artist would attest to this fact, as a healthy and well-conditioned skin makes the perfect canvas to achieve desired results. You have to prepare your skin prior to the heavy use of cosmetics. It is highly encouraged to fix any underlying skin health issues as early as possible, as well as get regular facial sessions. Keeping yourself hydrated on the daily is also one way to maintain the vigor of your skin.

Also remember that the condition of your skin also boils down on what you eat. Hence, it is never too early to start improving your diet and incorporating lycopene and other essential vitamin and minerals onto your daily meal plan.

4. Test the cosmetics before the big day

Many brides-to-be have sensitive skin, meaning their cosmetic and make-up choices are limited only to those which suits their skin type. Note that not all makeup products cater everyone. As a matter of fact, some might trigger allergic reactions and the like. You wouldn’t want problems like these to arise on the day of your wedding which is why it is urged to try the cosmetics beforehand in order to address any issues that may arise.

It is also important to remember how your expectations may differ from reality. What you ideally thought as an appropriate wedding look for you might end up looking different in person, so you have to condition yourself first. Ask your makeup stylist to give you a test run of the make-up look prior to the wedding. That way, you can see and decide for yourself.

5. Avail make-up consultation

Consultations are ideal most of the time, especially if you want to look your best on your wedding day. If you do not have any particular preference for a set look yet, try asking a makeup artist on his or her suggestions. As someone who is experienced in the field, they know their way around cosmetics and can easily point out the proper lipstick shade to this particular skin tone. They also likely know the ideal hairstyles for specific face shapes. Doing so will also give you a sense of what you like and don’t, which will undoubtedly help you sift through the many choices.

Booking a makeup artist for your wedding day doesn’t have to be difficult. There might be setbacks along the way, but you just have to put in a generous amount of patience and effort in order to find the ‘right’ one you’re looking for. This is little compared to the assurance you’ll get that you will look good on the big day.