How to Take Care of Velvet Curtains

Velvet curtains aren’t just for old traditional rooms and libraries, but they’re also great at adding elegance for your bedroom. They’re thick and come in various colors, which make them a really flexible option for your interior decorating because they blend so well with the theme of almost any room.

This also makes them great at blocking sunlight, which gives you a lot of privacy when you want to be alone or if your window is facing the sun directly and the light can be too much for your eyes in the morning. They’re also great if you would like to maximize the candle light in your room for any given romantic night in Singapore with your partner.

However, velvet curtains do have a downside. Their thickness means that they’re heavy, attract dust really easily, and are difficult to take care of. Hence it is best to send them to a professional curtain dry cleaning in Singapore to do the job. Here are some common tips that you can follow to keep your velvet curtains in good condition.

1. Use a curtain string
Velvet curtains may be thick, but they can also be quite delicate, and you must handle them with care. Too much hand contact can leave an imprint and possibly dirty or even outright ruin the fabric.

Draw your curtains back using a curtain string to minimize the amount of dust that gets on them. Not only is this opening mechanism great at preserving your curtains, but it also adds a little more panache to your room and makes it even fancier, like in a theater play.

2. Send it to professional curtain cleaning services
Velvet curtains are difficult to clean, and the most frequently given curtain cleaning advice when it comes to velvet is to simply send them to curtain cleaning services. There are many services in Singapore that are more than capable of handling delicate fabrics, and they’re your best bet in keeping them clean for a long time.

The ideal curtain cleaning method for velvet is through curtain dry cleaning. Using this method would involve a number of chemicals that won’t shrink the fabric or ruin its color, but the downside is that they can be pretty harmful for the environment.

If you don’t like spending money on a cleaning service, you could clean them on your own, provided that your washing machine is up to the task. However, this is not recommended as most washing machines are only for smaller fabrics with lesser thread counts, and the tumbling could easily wrinkle the velvet and make it less viable for use.

If you insist on cleaning your curtains on your own, you should read the label and follow the instructions on how to clean them. For instance, use a low setting on your washing machine, use cold water, and use a detergent that’s friendly for velvet fabrics.

3. Regular maintenance
Curtain dry cleaning takes a lot of time to do, and if you don’t like the thought of the downtime spent waiting until you can claim your curtains from the curtain cleaning service of your choice, you can minimize the dust gathering on your curtains by cleaning them with a regular vacuum cleaner.

When vacuum cleaning, make sure to use a long nozzle with a brush to get rid of the dust (and perhaps even cobwebs) more efficiently. Start with the top near the curtain rods and gradually work your way down. When you do it the opposite way, it will only take forever to get the job done.

4. Keep it away from direct sunlight
Singapore is a tropical climate, which makes it humid and especially bright all year round. Though they’re great for blocking sunlight, they will eventually bleach under it when left that way for a long time.

If you insist on cleaning these kinds of curtains on your own, be sure to hang them in a place that’s not directly under the sun to avoid bleaching. You should also make sure that the air flow is good to prevent mold or mildew from developing.

5. Do not steam clean your curtains
You might think that this tip applies only for silk curtains, but the same advice also applies to velvet curtains as well – when it comes to taking care of them, you don’t want to take any chances, as the high heat of a steam cleaner may damage the fabric.

However, with some fabrics, crumpled or wrinkled naps can be restored using a steam cleaner. If you’re not sure, test it out only on a small area of the fabric to see if it achieves the effects that you want. Remember to always check the label for instructions on how to take care of your curtains to keep them lasting longer.

6. Give your curtains extra care
You can use home dry cleaning kits to keep your curtains in good condition if you want to minimize the cost of sending them to curtain cleaning services, but you can also vacuum them for good measure to keep the dust from accumulating.

You can vacuum velvet curtains while still on the curtain rod, as long as you: (1) have a strong curtain rod; (2) make sure the vacuum doesn’t snag on any loose threads or frills and ruin the fabric; and (3) start at the top of the curtain and make your way to the bottom, as this is the easiest way to clean them.

You should keep in mind to draw the curtains when cleaning them while on the curtain rod to maximize the space and make it easier for the vacuum cleaner to go through the fabric.