Digital Dispatch: Digital Youth Leaders Program in Los Angeles

Monday, January 31, 2011 at 7:53 am

The Digital Youth Leaders Program has officially launched! The Digital Youth Leaders Program provides high school students from Frida Kahlo High School in downtown Los Angeles with an opportunity to develop their skills and share their expertise as digital media interns at Nightingale Middle School. Interns will work (1) with teachers to integrate digital media as innovative, engaging learning tools in their classrooms and (2) with students to develop creative media artifacts, including blogs, mobile video, and podcasts, that enhance their connection to learning.

Working in pairs, interns met with the teachers that they will be working with and visited the classrooms that they will be advising.

Want to hear more about the interns’ experiences?

Check out these blog posts from the Digital Youth Interns:

Erika: Today I was given the opportunity to visit the class I would be helping, and I can sum up in one word my experience: "AMAZING." I really enjoyed walking around watching the kids really becoming engaged and having so much fun. I really love the fact that all the students already know so much about movie production. I am here to teach but I can also learn from them as well. These kids love what they were doing. Not only was it actually said, but their actions show that as well.

Never was I given the opportunity to construct my own video when I was in middle school. Therefore, I let the students know that they are very fortunate.

Ms. Mason is a spectacular teacher. It's quite evident she loves what she does and loves working with kids. I only spent an hour with Ms. Mason and can tell she is a very patient, outgoing, fun, exciting teacher. I anticipate working with her each week.

Kelly: Today I got to meet the teacher that I am assigned to. At first, it was a bit scary and I think I was nervous. But, it was a great experience to meet Mr. Carrillo. He seems to be a real hands-on teacher and is very passionate about his job. . . He invited us to sit down to talk about our project and our goals. . . Mr. Carrillo also asked me about what I want to do when I graduate. I told him that I am looking forward to teaching American Sign Language and that I’ve know my alphabet in sign language since I was small. I also mentioned that I have a boyfriend who is deaf and he has inspired me to learn more and teach others. Mr. Carrillo was shocked in a way, and he said that I should invite him to teach the students a bit of sign language. I was very happy at the end of the meeting. I didn’t feel nervous anymore. I’m looking forward to working with Mr. Carrillo and Jaira.

And, finally, click here to watch the avatar that Natalie made to describe her experiences today.

Keep an eye out for the Digital Youth Leaders Profile series to learn more about each of the interns!




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