What’s in an Alkaline Water Dispenser and How Does it Work?

Living in an area in Singapore where the water is acidic should be reason enough for you to purchase an alkaline water ioniser machine in order to neutralize the acidity. However, there are other reasons why you should get an alkaline water ionizer for your home.

Drinking alkaline water has a lot of benefits for your body. Some of the benefits of alkaline water include neutralizing the body’s acidity and promoting the growth of probiotic bacteria in the gut, which is good news for those suffering from hyperacidity or acid reflux.

Drinking alkaline water also helps in weight loss, as the body’s reduced acidity will allow it to absorb fats and cholesterols much faster, and the antioxidant potential binds neutralizes free radicals in the system, which the body can then deal with more naturally.

However, before you start shopping for one in Singapore, it’s important to understand how an alkaline water ionizer works.

How is Alkaline Water Made?

Alkaline water starts as regular water from your tap and has to be converted through an alkaline water ioniser machine, which is connected through your tap water system as an additional faucet or pipeline. The machine takes as little as fifteen minutes to install.

Once the machine is connected to your water system, it is then treated through a process called electrolysis, which uses a cathode and an anode much like that in an electrolytic cell. The cathode (negative) attracts the positively-charged, and therefore alkaline, water. Meanwhile, the anode (positive) attracts the negatively-charged (acidic) parts of the water.

The machine has a separate compartment by siphoning off the water near the cathode, which contains increased levels of hydroxide, which is alkaline. The acidic water is then separated, which can be used as an effective disinfectant.

After the electrolysis, the ionized water passes through a water filter cartridge. The filter is comprised of a section of activated charcoal, where impurities are filtered out, and another section, where essential minerals that may have been filtered out by the charcoal are re-introduced.

Once the minerals are introduced into the water, the water exits to the machine’s tap, and you can then enjoy drinking your healthy alkaline water.

What’s in an Ionizer?

One of the advantages of using an alkaline water ionizer machine from a trusted water specialist that is based in Singapore is that you can adjust the alkalinity depending on your needs. A water ionizer is able to increase or decrease the pH level of the water to serve its particular purpose (e.g. for drinking, cooking or cleaning surfaces).

Alkaline water ionizers are now becoming more popular, with many companies marketing it. For consumers, this makes buying one and choosing a quality brand that you can trust difficult, but this doesn’t have to be the case for you.

Knowing the different parts that go into an alkaline water machine will give you a better criteria on which brand or model you should by. Alkaline water machines have four key features that allow it to do its job: pH/ORP Range, platers, filters, and lastly, the warranty.

• Filter – The filter is what removes the impurities from the water, which means you will need to find a machine that supports either a single or a dual filter system (though the latter is preferable.)

Choose the single filter system only if your water is already pure or neutral. However, if you find that the water quality is pure, you might need to choose a water machine that supports a dual filter system.

• Plates – Your ionizer works and/or functions more effectively because of the number and types of plates it supports. Three main types of plates exist: flat plates, which are the easiest to clean and are the most durable; and slotted and mesh plates, which are lighter and cost less.

While it is true that more plates for your alkaline water ionizer will allow it to conduct electrolysis better, it only does so up to seven plates. Any more than that will have no effect on the water’s alkalinity, and brands that claim to perform better with more plates are most likely scams.

• PH/ORP range – The ORP (Oxygen Reduction Potential) range is what measures the number of electrons in the water, and is the key advantage in using an alkaline water machine over regular tap water. A good water machine should provide both alkaline water and tap (the acidic water as output could also be used as a disinfectant).

Be sure to choose a machine with a pH range that reaches 11.0. When it comes to ORP output, keep an eye out for machines with at least negative 800 ORP, as these are the ones you want to have for your home.

• Warranty – Some of the things you can look for to know if a company is reputable are the factory compliance certification (i.e. ISO 9000 certification), a good warranty on factory defects and repair (five years minimum), good customer ratings (word-of-mouth advertising, especially among family members and friends who have bought a water machine).

These are just the most basic features that a regular alkaline water purifier should have. Find out more info on h2olifesource to know further about what makes a reliable ionizer for your home here in Singapore. A good water filter should not only be able to provide healthy drinking water, but also serve a myriad of other purpose to maximize the use of water.

Additional Features

Choosing a water machine with additional features other than just the choice between alkaline and tap water may be a good investment.

For instance, a machine that can also let you choose if you want cold or hot water will make things more convenient for you, especially if you want cold noodle sin the morning. Child locks are another safety feature if you have little ones at home who could accidentally scald themselves from the hot water.

Be sure to talk to your salesperson about these features as well as the model that you need for your home.

Why Registering Your Company is More Important Than You Might Think

Registering your company is essentially obtaining the legal right to do business within your chosen area of jurisdiction, and also ensures that the business or company is operating in accordance with its own legal policies.
The process is often perceived in two ways: either the company owner/s apply for company registration too early, before there is a solid model on how the business should achieve its goals, or too late, when the business is already being held liable.

That being said, there are still many reasons why pursuing company registration is not only viable, but crucial.

Security and Legal Benefits
The first and most obvious reason why you should pursue company registration is protection and professionalism. In particular, applying for a sg business firm registration makes it so that you and your employees, are to some extent, protected under the law.

Another is that it avoids confusion among businesses that are already registered (as well as preventing others from using the name of your business), which could end up in a lawsuit that may or may not turn out in your favor.

Starting a business may have been your lifelong dream, but some of the dangers that go along with pursuing your plans to register your company is the possibility of losing all your personal assets due to liabilities or financial losses. Registering will ensure that your assets and liabilities are separate.

Other legal benefits of registering your company include the following:

• Transferable ownership – One of the benefits that can be gained by opting to register company in Singapore for foreigner enterprises is that the ownership is transferable, especially in incorporated businesses, and this transfer can either be in whole or in part.

• Durability – Depending on the company’s structure, the effects of extended absence (or even the death) of shareholders, co-owners, and officers can be weathered through without compromising the company as a whole.

It also tells your clients and partners that you and your company are willing to engage in business in the long term instead of being a fly-by-night kind of business owner who closes shop once he/she encounters difficult times.

• Credit rating – Because of its nature, a business can have the same legal status as a person, complete with its own separate credit rating and credit history. This in turn places the company it a positive light for future investors if it is seen as a reliable creditor.

Building up a business’s credit portfolio does take time, but the key to doing so is management – even certain types of debt that may appear to be negative can actually be positive for investors.

On Hiring Employees
Skilled employees will tend to want to look for a stable job under a company that they know can provide them with a steady source of income and isn’t likely to fold after six months or within the next year due to any liabilities or unforeseen financial problems, all of which are things that a registered business can provide for both you and your employees.

While you can hire freelancers to help fill in the gaps in your workforce, being able to hire at least the minimum number of people needed to keep your business running means that you need to register company (on helpful websites such as to meet this purpose, as it isn’t possible to hire employees legally when your business isn’t registered.

Swaying Investors
Investors are attracted to one thing in particular: stability. This is perhaps the biggest thing that company registration can provide for them, as they know that their investment is safe and will return to them in the near, foreseeable future.

The simplest reason for this is because investors that looking to invest in your company actually need to know that you have a registered business in the first place, which is only possible if you have applied for company registration.
Private equity is also another reason why many opt to register company in Singapore, as you want your investors to feel comfortable in having an exit strategy as well as the protection provided by company incorporation.

Company Incorporation
From a legal perspective, business owners looking to company incorporation as a means to expand their enterprise, whether in Singapore or abroad, will find that the only way to do so is by making sure that the assets that they already have are secured in the first place.

This is especially true if the starting business works on the principle of an open company, and would even make it easier for the business to be able to register, as an open company already emphasizes on transparent record-keeping and communication due to its nature.

Company registration is important, especially when it comes to company incorporation, as it delineates your personal assets from your company assets and gives the assertion that the company belongs to you and cannot be simply seized or absorbed into another.

Taking the time to register company might be seen as downtime on your part, but the result will grant you and your employees certain legal protection. Leaving out the company registration process to prioritize income generation can make it difficult to even start hiring employees. This, in turn, results in a lot of bureaucratic hassle and paperwork.
The best time to apply for the registration process is immediately once you are ready to begin operations and open your doors to customers/clients – the paperwork should have the same priority as the equipment, personnel, and location.

Overview of Singapore’s Accounting Standards

Accounting Standards in Singapore are made up of a set of principles and guidelines that govern various financial transactions of every company in the country. The Accounting Standards Council or ASC, under the Accounting Act, has prescribed the standards for financing to be used by all business entities.

Accounting Standard Council

In prescribing Financial Reporting Standards or FRS, the ASC implements a proper and official process to guarantee that the standards of financing are consistently of high quality. The ASC also works hand in hand with the Accounting Standards Committee of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore or the ICPAS’ ASC.

International Accounting Standards Board

The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), which is based in London, United Kingdom, is the one that organized the International Accounting Standards (IAS) and the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). This is where the country and even online accounting services in Singapore like Smart Acc has closely patterned its financial records standards. Presently, our country’s bookkeeping fundamentals and accounting services online are now arranged in the Companies Act. These are known as the Financial Reporting Standards (FRS).

Accrual-based Accounting

One of the key principals of Singapore’s bookkeeping is accrual-based. Accrual-based accounting answers the desire for more accuracy of financial information and the need to organize complex business transactions. This is considered as a standard accounting practice for companies, with the exemption of very small businesses. With this method, there becomes a more precise picture of a company’s present condition. However, because it is complex, it is expensive to implement this. In accrual-based bookkeeping, revenues are recorded when earned, and costs are recorded when incurred, with or without the presence of cash.

The opposite of accrual-based accounting is cash accounting, which is one of the many functions of in Singapore and is easier to record as it accounts transactions only if there is an exchange of cash between the company and the customer. However, in Singapore’s bookkeeping standards, accrual-based accounting is more commonly used than the other one. All accounting services for small business and even larger establishments are patterned in accrual-based records.

Details on Financial Reporting Standards

In Singapore, a complete set of financial statements includes the following: statement of comprehensive income, statement of changes in equity, a balance sheet, cash flow statement, and summary of accounting policies. Except for Statement of Cash Flow, companies must base their financial statements on accrual accounting. Also in preparing financial statements, the management of the company must assess the company’s ability to continue its operations.

The Ultimate Expat’s Guide to Renting Property in Vietnam

Being the country’s largest commercial and urban hub, Ho Chi Minh City is currently the largest city in Vietnam. It is also a really attractive place for foreign investment and expat living, with many housing units and subdivisions located near international institutions, a vibrant culture, and great facilities that cater to expats.

When you want to look for an apartment to live in HCMC, there’s a good chance that the plot of land or the unit that you plan on renting is thoroughly documented under the state’s registry.

This means that whether you plan to rent a house or rent a place in D3, or even stay at D7 or in an apartment rental in D2 (popular living areas in HCMC for expats), you can expect that the property is registered for lease, and there’s no need to worry with any legal issues on your part.

Types of Property You Can Rent

There are all kinds of properties you can check out at sites like PropertyLaunch VN that you can rent, whether you are looking for a 2-day trip or a month-long vacation in Vietnam.

• Apartment – A lot of apartment units for rent are often un-serviced and unfurnished. You can find an apartment rental in Ho Chi Minh City in a lot of housing areas, and a Saigon apartment rental is perhaps the most common (and arguably cheap) type of property rental available.

• Condominium – Most of the time, you can find a condominium rental in District 1, D1 to be the quite expensive because it not only is fully furnished, but also because of its location and the regular traffic in a downtown area that makes it really convenient to live in.

• Villa – You can also choose to rent a house in HCMC that’s not too far from the action downtown, but also isn’t too near if you want a break from it to enjoy some peace and quiet. However, a villa rental can be just as expensive as a condominium.

Tips on Renting Property in Vietnam

Looking for a good Saigon apartment rental can be time-consuming, but when you find yourself that one hidden gem that no one else has gotten to, the hard work can really pay off with the ideal place in the country just for you.

When searching for a place to rent, whether online via websites like or by physically visiting apartment buildings, here are a few tips you want to keep in mind:

1. Memorize Vietnamese phrases. When you’re house-hunting for a suitable villa rental for your short stay, an apartment rental in D2, or even simply to rent apartment in Saigon in general, you want to be on the look-out for particular phrases, such as the following:

Nhà cho thuê – Literally meaning “house for rent”. Seeing this sign should be a godsend for you, as you wouldn’t have to pay for a housing agent to lead you to a selection of homes for you to rent.

Phòng cho thuê – This phrase means “room for rent”, and while a lot cheaper, you will only be renting a single room, and may be inconvenient in a lot of other areas.

Ở ghép – This phrase indicates that a group of people are looking for someone to share the rent with.

Nữ – This phrase indicates that the housing is for women only.

Sinh viên – If you see this phrase, it means that the housing available is only for university students, and any of these types of units would not be a good place to rent for you as a foreigner.

2. Opt for unfurnished housing. It’s a rule of thumb when you’re looking to rent a house or an apartment that you automatically go for the one with unfurnished housing, as it’s not only cheaper than the furnished units, but it also lets you fill up the place with furniture of your own choice.

The same strategy also works if you plan on moving into a permanent location in HCMC, especially since you can simply buy used furniture from other expats who don’t have any need for it anymore.

3. Try not to be too picky. If something in a previous unit isn’t to your liking, you can always move on. There’s bound to be an apartment rental in Ho Chi Minh City or a villa rental that will have everything you want and need in a place for your short-term stay.

While it’s good to have something in mind when choosing to rent apartment at HCMC, it’s also good to not have too high of an expectation when the best place for your budget and your lifestyle isn’t what you expected at first.

4. And lastly, don’t rush. There’s no need to take the first apartment rental in Ho Chi Minh City that comes your way – the last thing you need is to get locked into a one-year contract when you’re only in the country for less.

Should You Count on Apartment Finding Services?

As much as possible, your best bet for finding a good place in Vietnam is by actually having a friend, family member, or colleague who lives there, as they can actually help you look for the best places for you.

While you want to avoid most online real estate websites specifically catered to foreigners for this reason – a lot of them tend to overprice housing units – there are a few that have great deals and really good locations, especially if you know where to look.

How to Choose the Right Paint Color for Your Home

Are you tired of the way that your house looks? Do you ever feel like your home interiors need a bit of updating? If you’ve been living in the same home for a long time, you may want to change things up every now and then. Thankfully, there are many ways for you to update your home. You could always buy new decorations, or buy new pieces of furniture. However, what people often forget to consider, is that repainting your house can also update the look of your home. Plus, it doesn’t even have to be as expensive!

If you choose to hire an HDB painting service, there are many paints for you to choose from, from many different brands. Some even have specialized mixtures so that they could perform in different conditions, such as being able to withstand the Singapore heat. With so many choices, finding the right paint can be a daunting task. Making sure that you choose the right shade can make sure that your condo painting goes on without a hitch. After all, scrapping a layer of paint can double or even triple your expenses.

While many painting services like ideal colours at Singapore can help you understand how best to proceed with your condo painting, it can also be greatly affected by you and your preferences. So, read on to help you find the right color for your HDB.

1. Start Small

Even if you have chosen to hire painting services, it may be a bit scary to start painting your walls, as you’re not sure how a color would translate when painted to your wall. To help alleviate your fears, you could start with a small patch of wall first before doing anything else. This is especially important if you’re a visual type of person, so that you could really see the effect of the paint on your wall. A painting contractor can do this for you, in a way that would minimize permanent damage. The best painter can make sure that the initial tests of paint wouldn’t even be noticeable after they’ve finished with the final layer.

2. Learn Color Terms

Finding the words to describe what you want in your shade will significantly raise your chances of getting the shade that you want. Plus, it can help you understand colors better, which can help you communicate with your painting contractor more clearly. Most of the color terms you will need to learn include hue, which refers to the color itself on the color wheel, like green, yellow and blue. Next is value, which refers to how much light is present in the hue. Next is saturation, which refers to how dominant the hue is. (For example, pink is a less saturated version of red.) Lastly, intensity refers to the brilliance of the color; purer colors refer to the colors that are closer to their designation on the wheel. For example, blue and green are more intense than the shade in between them (teal).

3. Consider Lighting

Lighting can drastically change the colors of any image or object. It can take a while to get used to this principle, as it requires a bit of visualization. This is the reason why paint stores often display their samples underneath lightboxes. When thinking about the color for your room, working with from Singapore will ensure that the color and shade you choose will go well with the type of lighting in the room, improving the overall aesthetic of the space.

There are two main types of lighting: natural lighting and artificial lighting. Natural lighting, which is light that comes from the sun, shows the truest color of paint. During your condo painting, you should consider this if the wall that you’re trying to paint will be lit by a lot of natural light, or is surrounded by a lot of windows.
Artificial lighting, on the other hand, is separated into three categories: incandescent lighting, fluorescent lighting, and halogen lighting. Incandescent lighting can bring out the warm shades of your paint and can make warm colors (like red or brown) more intense, and cooler colors (like blue and green) duller. Fluorescent lighting, on the other hand, has the opposite of an incandescent on shades. Lastly, halogen lights are the closest you can get to natural lighting. The best painter will consider your lighting sources when suggesting colors.

4. Let the Color Wheel Guide You

Especially if you’re the type to mix and match colors, the color wheel can be a valuable tool. You could use the different color harmonies you may alreadya learned in art class, to figure out how to find a good color scheme. A good go-to color harmony in most Singapore homes is complementary colors, wherein two colors directly opposite the color wheel are used. A good example of this is the red-green Christmas color scheme. If you want to use this scheme, simply pick your favorite color and find its opposite on the wheel.

Another popular color scheme in Singapore HDBs is the analogous harmony. When hiring a painting services, people often choose colors that are located beside each other to make a palette. While a lot of people use this as a go-to color harmony, it often ends up looking gaudy and tacky. This is because there isn’t a clear designation of the main color. That is, in order to avoid making a mistake with this color harmony, choose just one color that would act as your main shade, which would be the color that you would see most the most in your room. Then, use less of the second color, and the least of the third color. The right HDB painting service can help you pick the right color scheme for your HDB.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Electrical Service in Singapore

You may be searching for the best commercial or residential electrical service company, whether it’s for your warehouse, office, or even your home. But with the many services available in Singapore promising a guaranteed quality service, it can be hard for you to hire the right one for your needs.

However, it doesn’t have to be – Here are a few things you need to consider when choosing an electrical service for your needs:


The first thing you need to consider before choosing a contractor for electrician services is whether or not they are certified to undertake this kind of work in the first place.

A licensed electrician is one that has undergone training and certification in Singapore to handle electrical works. Not only does a licensed electrician understand the safety practices when handling electrical works, but is also aware of how both different electrical systems work and how his knowledge and expertise can be applied.

A good electrician will be able to easily tell you where and when they received their certification to work without supervision from a superior. A lot of master electricians work in their own electrician services companies, employing both journeymen and apprentices working towards certification.


Another way for gauging whether an electrical services company is capable of providing the services that you need is by asking what kind of equipment they use for the different kinds of jobs that they encounter on a regular basis. This can also be related to expertise.

A great electrician services company like powermax electrical works from Singapore are complete with the right kinds of equipment necessary to deal with different kinds of electrical problems or specifications by different clients, whether it’s simple tools commonly used for residential electrical works, or for more complicated tools mostly used for more complex systems installed in commercial establishments.


While the license and certification qualifies the electrician to handle electrical works, the firm’s insurance both you and the contractor in case of accidents occurring during the repair/installation process. However, it’s not enough to simply ask whether an electrician services company is insured – you should also ask what the company’s insurance covers.

Feedback and Referral

Feedback is a great way to know more about the quality of a contractor’s services, and this can be easily found on many review sites online – simply type in the contractor’s name and you’ll know whether this contractor is a reputable one or not.

Apart from online reviews, word of mouth is also a great way for electrician services contractors (and for most businesses) to market their services. One way you could do this is by asking a friend, relative, or family member who has hired one in the past. You can also ask for a referral from a business owner/s that you work closely with.

Reputable contractors who have been in the business for a long time should be able to readily provide their clients with their list of references. This allows their clients to be more comfortable in contracting their services.


Choosing the right electrician services contractor in Singapore includes checking for their background and how long they have been in the business.
A contractor that has been in the business for a longer time is usually seen as (and often is) the more reliable one by default, as they are more likely to have more successful jobs and more satisfied customers.

Checking for online feedback and word of mouth is one way to go about doing this. Another way is by asking the contractor’s representative about the facts of their past jobs, especially those that they completed within your local vicinity.

Customer Service

How a contractor responds to your emails and calls is a reflection of their work ethic, and one that responds promptly and with accurate information is one that you can count on to handle the electrical works in your home/office/warehouse.

However, while the quality of communication that receive in your conversation and consultation with the contractor is important for you, your clear specifications as to the nature of your electrical problem is also just as important for your contractor.

When it comes to electrical problems, be sure to include the details in full, such as certain wiring or devices that have been damaged and are in need of replacement and repair. For adding or installing wiring and other types of electrical devices, it’s best to schedule an appointment or a consultation with the contractor. Allow a representative to schedule a visit to your house/warehouse/office in order to better understand the area.

When choosing between different contractors, be sure to ask for the details of their estimates in full. The more details you have, the easier you can compare the estimates of these different services.


There are certain problems that could arise unexpectedly and have the potential to cause a serious fire or electrical hazard in your establishment or residence, whether it’s because of causes such as bad weather or human error from previous operations.

Depending on the kind of electrical problem that you have for your home/office/warehouse you would want to contract an electrical service in Singapore that is available on call 24/7. These kinds of services that you can call at any time are more likely to get the job done faster or at the very least, contain the electrical problem to prevent it from escalating.

10 Tips for Picking Your Wedding Reception Music Playlist

Hiring a wedding live band to play during your ceremony or your reception does not mean you’re supposed to leave the decision-making to the musicians. A wedding is an intimate celebration with family and friends, therefore, your wedding music playlist should reflect you and your partner’s preferences or tell a story of your love. But how do you do that? Here are tips to make the selection of wedding live music easier.

1. Make sure the acoustics of the venue will do your wedding music justice

Inspect the venue in Singapore with your wedding coordinator to make sure that the type of music you have in mind is suitable for the indoor or outdoor theme. Intimate love songs are more suitable for indoor venues, while loud, dance music is better in open venues where there is enough space for people on the dance floor. Some indoor venues are also designed with good acoustics to accompany a wedding live band at the reception, so keep this in mind when picking a venue.

2. Listen to the wedding live band performance sample

Before finalizing the list of songs to be played in your wedding and signing a contract, make sure that you hear the wedding live band in Singapore. If they cannot play a wedding live music that meets your expectations, you still have time to look for another wedding live band. If possible, try to hear them perform live, but if you were given pre-recorded samples, make sure that the same people in the recording are the same musicians who will be playing the wedding live music.

3. Pick specific songs for important events in your wedding

Playing the right songs at the right time can make a lot of difference during the celebration, which is why your list of songs should include tunes that your guests are familiar with or can dance to, as well mellow songs that can be played as background music for dinner or cocktail.

4. Make a list of songs that should not be played

It’s a lot easier to list songs that you don’t want to be played on your wedding than deciding which songs should be played. Talk to your partner, wedding coordinator, and the wedding live band manager about the playlist if you need suggestions.

5. Choose the first dance song carefully to set the mood

If you want your guests to participate on the dance floor, the first song should be familiar to most of them to set the mood right. But how do you find something in common between older guests and your young friends? The wedding live band like white ribbon from Singapore might be able to help you on the song selection because they are more experienced with weddings, but you can also suggest a mix of old and new dance tunes that most guests will recognize.

6. You might want to take up dance lessons with your partner

One method to make your guests participate in open dancing is to do the opening act with your partner, but if you both have two left feet, you might want to take basic dance lessons weeks before the event. Find a dance tune that you both like and practice getting the right timing. A choreographed dance number will also encourage the guests to show off their dance skills.

7. Asking your friends/relatives to play might be awkward

While it might be a charming idea to have family and friends participate in the wedding programs, it’s better to leave the wedding live music to professional musicians to give all your guests time to enjoy the food and the occasion. You’ll be placing the person in an awkward situation where it is difficult to say no, but if your friend agrees to play a musical instrument or sing a number, you should give him/her time to practice with the wedding live band if it’s a collaboration.

8. Pick the best sound systems for a live band

Different parties might be responsible with the sound system for the wedding venue. If the wedding live band cannot provide their own sound system, you might want to bring it up with the venue coordinator or the events planner. You will also be advised to test the sound system days ahead of the event to allow the wedding live band to do a sound check and determine whether you need better or more equipment. It will all go to waste if your sound system is garbage even if the wedding live band you hired is good.

9. Consider other musical styles when making a playlist

If you have no other music preferences besides contemporary pop music, you might want to ask for advice from the wedding live band or your wedding coordinator in Singapore. The more variety in your music, the better. This will also give an idea about how good and experienced the wedding live band is when accommodating requests. Some bands will also offer to fill up music selection program for you if you’re planning a four to five-hour wedding reception, including an open dance for guests. Review the list before the final rehearsal, but you should also give the wedding live band some room to do their magic.

10. Consider using the live band for the pre-ceremony, processional, and recessional

Don’t stress over how the band will be able to create the right music for a specific event in your wedding, especially if you’re planning to hire them for the ceremony before the reception. Most wedding live bands in Singapore are experts at creating the right mood for their clients, after all they are professional musicians. Don’t hesitate to discuss this in detail with the musicians, so they would get an idea about the kind of atmosphere you want to achieve.

Types of Facial Treatments

Getting a facial regularly helps in making the skin look better. This is the best remedy towards having a healthier skin as this treatment gives the skin a chance to regenerate and be cleansed. However, getting the right kind of facial that targets a specific skin problem will give the skin more glow and youthfulness. So, it’s important to know the different kinds of facials and its purposes for you to easily identify which facial is best for your skin.

There are different kinds of facials available in Singapore aesthetic clinics. Some of them may be named differently from clinic to clinic, but they usually do the same thing. Here’s a breakdown of the most requested ones.

1. Clarifying Enzyme Acne Facial Treatment

This treatment is most suitable for teenagers and adults who have moderate to severe skin problems, such as blemishes, acne, and breakouts. The facial solution used here is made of antioxidants, fruit enzymes, antioxidants, antiseptics, and hydrating agents. These ingredients help to deeply cleanse the pores to improve the quality of the skin and reduce inflammation. The thing about this treatment is that it can be used by people who experience breakouts due to hormonal problems and people with acne prone skin as this facial heals the skin from within.

2. Anti-Aging Facial Treatment

Anti-aging facial is good for any skin type as this provides the skin a youthful glow. This treatment uses a facial formula made of concentrated glycolic acid, inflammatory agents, hydrators, and lots of antioxidants. After having done facial fillers at in Singapore it is recommended to have a abit of time in between before doing any facial treatments. All of these ingredients help reduce hyperpigmentation, improve skin tone, and make the skin’s texture better by providing maximum skin exfoliation.

3. Deep Cleansing Facial Treatment

This skin cleansing treatments is meant to clear the skin of dirt build up that causes breakouts and blackheads. The procedure includes steaming, exfoliations, and facial mask treatment that will help nourish the skin from inside out. Deep cleansing facial is essential to eliminate impurities, nourish dull skin, and restore balance. If you have not had a deep cleansing facial in three months, be sure to schedule an appointment to your aesthetic clinic Singapore soon.

4. Oxygen Facial Treatment

Oxygen facial is a powerful anti-aging skin therapy that boosts the absorption and circulation of nutrients in the skin, eliminates toxins, and stimulates reproduction of skin cells through penetrating ultrasound application of organic botanicals and oxygen fortified vitamins. Suitable even for the most sensitive skin, oxygen facial is a beneficial treatment that rejuvenates the glow of your skin.

5. Environmental Shield Vitamin C Facial Treatment

Loaded with Vitamin C, this facial treatment is performed for a number of reasons. It provides the skin with optimum protection against the sun’s harmful rays, pollution, and bacteria, fights early signs of aging such as wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and skin discoloration, and repairs damaged skin. After undergoing this treatment, you’re guaranteed to get fairer, glowing, and flawless skin.

6. Microdermabrasion Facial Treatment

Best for those people who are often exposed to pollution, sun, smoking, and daily stress, microdermabrasion peels off the topmost layer of the skin to promote growth of new skin cells. This intensive skin treatment retextures, exfoliates, and increases cell renewal to boost oxygen supply and blood flow in the skin, while increasing collagen reproduction and restoring the layers of your skin.

7. Sensitive Skin Facial Treatment

People with sensitive skin often experience random redness in certain parts of the face and painful bumps or breakouts caused even by the mildest of products. With sensitive skin facial, these problems can be cured. This treatment repairs the skin, calms the redness, and increases the skin’s resistance. The facial solution used for this treatment is very lightweight, which restores the skin of the nutrients it has been deprived of and strengthens its barrier function to prevent skin reactions.

8. Hot Stone Facial Treatment

With the help of cool marbles and heated basalt stones, this treatment softly massages the face to release stress and tension to the facial muscles. After the face is cleansed, toned, and exfoliated, the face is then massaged with alternating cold and hot stones. If you have done any fat reducing procedures like those mentioned in in Singapore, it is recommended to have some time in between before going for any hot stones treatment. Hot stones are used to increase blood circulation, repairing damaged cells and improving the skin’s quality; while cold stones tone and relax the muscles and reduce any inflammation and puffiness. Following the facial massage, your aesthetic clinic professional applies an appropriate facial cream and mask to repair, renew, and rehydrate the skin.

Any of these facial is beneficial for your skin. However, if you want to make your skin look a lot better , treat it with the right vitamins and nutrients, and prolong the wonderful effects of your facial, it’s best to determine which one is best for your skin type and condition. If you’re still unsure which facial to have, ask your aesthetic clinic for a well-informed suggestion.

6 Advanced Ways to Eradicate Pest Infestation

For more severe pest infestation, the help of a professional pest control management is highly recommended. With these more advanced methods, only the professionals can execute the work properly and efficiently. Here are six different ways that pest exterminators use to get rid of household pests.

Breeding Ground Control

For some pests, such as the termites and mosquitoes, it’s important to find their breeding grounds to prevent reproduction. Some pest control services also approach this method by moving the pests to other environments where they cannot do harm in the residential areas. To remove termites for example, areas where the subterranean types live will be flooded or the sources of wooden mulch around the area are destroyed.

Termite Foam

To remove termites, a Singapore pest management team will use insecticides or foams made specifically for termites. These products can come in many forms, but most pest management in Singapore use the foam because it can penetrate hard-to-reach areas and cracks in the word to reach the termites hiding in the crevices. Termite foam works fast and has been proven to be effective, however, the damage done by the termites need to be assessed first before using this method.

Electronic Pest Control

This includes electronic traps and devices that will eliminate or repel pests such as rodents, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, and others. The electronic devices use electromagnetic, ultrasonic, and radio wave to disrupt or disturb the pests. What’s great about electronic pest control is that they will only affect the pests and not the humans and pets at home.

Harborage Elimination

Some pests are good at finding hiding places, making elimination more difficult. If this is the case, the pest control services will take steps to eliminate these potential hiding places by sealing the crevices, cracks, and holes around your house. This will be more effective if you also make sure that the windows and doors are tightly sealed, and the household items are always kept clean.

Wood Treatments

Wood treatments are used to remove termites, but the pest control services will need to determine the species of termites and the extent of the damage done by the pests. It’s almost always difficult to address a termite infestation because prevention is a lot easier. Specific methods and chemicals will be used to target specific termite species. Some of these chemicals include borates, alkaline copper quaternary and copper boron azole. Although there are do-it-yourself tutorials on the Internet, it is better to consult professional pest control services from Singapore like when it comes to protecting your home from termite damage.

Biological Control

This method is recommended for spaces with small-scale farms or gardens that have problems with pest control. The pest control management company will introduce pathogens, natural predators, and parasites of the identified pests. In some instances, plants and a combination of natural pesticides are also used to terminate pest such as mosquitoes, flies, and other bugs. The problem with this method, however, is that it needs close monitoring when another species is introduced in the area.

Are You at Risk for Heart Disease?

According to World Health Orgainzation, cardiovascular diseases take the lives of 31% of the global population every year. While some of the things that put you at a greater risk for heart disease are things you cannot change (like age, sex, and genetics), there are far more things that you can control. Here is a list of things that can put you at risk for heart disease, as well as some tips on how to change them.

1. Smoking

Smoking can be one of the most significant risk factors for developing heart disease. Chemicals in tobacco damages your heart and blood vessels. Tobacco tar can cause a clog in your arteries, which leads to plaque build-up, reducing blood flow and forcing your heart to pump harder.

Smoking puts you at risk not only for heart disease but also for other types of diseases like respiratory diseases and various cancers. Even alternatives, like smokeless tobacco, low-tar, and low-nicotine cigarettes can be harmful. Even secondhand smoke can be dangerous, raising the risk of heart disease in children and strangers. If you are or were a smoker, try checking out for plans and programs to get your heart health checked and pave your way to a smoke-free and healthier lifestyle.

2. Stagnant lifestyle

A stagnant lifestyle is another thing that puts you at risk for heart disease. Doctors recommend regular exercise at least thrice a week for twenty minutes. Your cardiologist may recommend aerobic exercises, as it is the best type of exercises to lower the risk of heart disease. Exercises like brisk walking, jogging, and swimming are good to keep your heart healthy. In addition to aerobic exercises, strength exercises for at least two days per week is a good way to keep a healthy heart.

Even if you don’t reach the required number of hours of exercise per week, shorter sets of exercises can still be effective in curbing heart disease. Even with just five-minute or ten-minute exercises, you could successfully lower your risk of heart disease. If you do not have time for exercise, ask your heart specialist for tips on how to stay active despite your busy schedule.

3. Diet

An active lifestyle paired with a healthy diet is one of the best things that you could do for your heart. A diet with a lot of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are good ways to protect your heart. Include beans, low-fat or fat-free dairy, and fish while avoiding salt and sugars. The biggest consideration you would have to make in your diet is the sources of fat in your food. Try to avoid unsaturated and trans-fat (like red meat, fried food, and baked products) and seek out plant-based fat (like avocado, nuts and olives). Fatty fish (like salmon and tuna) may also lower your risk of heart disease.

4. Manage your weight

While weight can be affected by genetic factors, there are still a lot of decisions that you could make to make sure that your weight stays in the healthy range. If you are particularly obese, you may need to undergo a heart screening more often. However, your heart doctor can work with you to create a meal plan that prioritizes the health of your heart while considering your lifestyle and other illnesses.

5. Alcohol

While there are many studies stating that alcohol can be beneficial in moderation, these studies remain inconclusive. However, there is indisputable evidence that states that excessive drinking heightens your risk of heart disease, along with other diseases like liver and kidney complications. If you drink excessive levels of alcohol, it is a good idea to find a way to lessen your drinking.

6. Bad sleep patterns

A lack of sleep can cause a host of complications like a higher risk of obesity, diabetes, and depression, and heart disease. Making sure that you have a good sleep schedule can help your heart, along with other aspects of health. Waking up naturally, without the use of alarm clocks, is one of the ways that can help you have a better sleep pattern. Before sleeping, make sure that you stay away from artificial light, including electronics and light bulbs. Try to create a good sleep environment by keeping your room dark, cool, and quiet.

7. Stress

Stress can be detrimental to health in many aspects. In the physical sense, however, it mostly manifests as a heart problem, like arrhythmia or high blood pressure. Your heart specialist may recommend you a list of activities to manage your stress, like doing relaxation techniques or mindfulness meditation. Walks in nature can also help, as well as journaling.

8. Monitor blood pressure and cholesterol.

High blood pressure or hypertension can put a huge pressure on your blood vessels. Although hypertension can be genetic, it can be curbed with the right diet and enough exercise. Abnormal levels of cholesterol can lead to high blood pressure, so it’s always in your best interest to make sure that your levels are monitored by a licensed physician.

There are numerous high-blood monitors available on the market that allows you to check your high blood pressure yourself. Paired with regular check-ups to at chuyen gia y khoa you could make sure that your heart stays as healthy as it could be. Make sure that in every visit, you get check-ups of your weight, high blood pressure, and glucose levels. If necessary, your physician can refer you to a cardiologist who can give you a heart screening.

The best cardiologist will not only focus on treating symptoms of heart disease but will also work with you holistically to make sure that further complications do not arise. If necessary, you could ask your general physician for recommendations, or check the list at your local cardiology center.

The Basics of Dry Cleaning, Steam-Cleaning and Spot-Cleaning

Cleaning your clothes is more than just laundering them in soap and water. Different kinds of fabrics require different kind of washing, depending on the delicateness of the material.

So, before throwing your garments into the washing machine, make sure to read the care label if you want to keep your clothes in their best condition for longer.

Here, we’ll tackle the most common cleaning methods you might have encountered in some of your clothing pieces’ care labels: Dry clean, steam clean and spot clean.

Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is often recommended by the best laundry services from Singapore for removing stains from detailed or decorated fabrics, sensitive materials, and heavily-stained clothing. Like most laundry service in Singapore that primarily use washing machines, dry cleaning shops also have wash and fold services and the machine used looks similar to a regular washer. The cleaning material used in called the dry cleaning solvent (usually perchloroethylene, glycol ethers, liquid carbon dioxide, and liquid silicone) which is stored in the holding tank.

The dry cleaning machine pumps the solvent during the cleaning process, while filters trap the impurities from the fabric. Once the cleaning is done, the solvent is drained, and extraction of the excess chemical is performed. Next, the clothes are transferred to a dryer to vaporize the solvent. Any remaining stain will be treated, and if there is any damage to the clothing, the staff will repair it.

Steam-Cleaning and Spot-Cleaning

Steam-cleaning is another option for fabrics that cannot be easily hand-washed, machine-washed or dry-cleaned. However, you can also pick steam-cleaning for fabrics such as silk, wool, cotton, and others. Remember not to use steam-cleaning when cleaning suede, chiffon, silk, waxed fabrics, velvet, sheer, and leather, or any other material that is highly-embellished or printed. That’s because steam uses both heat and water to remove stains.

Heat can melt other materials, while water can shrink or stretch other fabrics. Steam-cleaning is useful mostly in linens, upholstery, and other heavy fabrics that are very difficult to dry. It can also be used for heavily-soiled items such as towel washing because the steam acts as a sanitizer, but make sure to check the care label instructions first. Generally, steam wash can help lessen allergies, kill germs in the fabric, removes wrinkles, and keeps the items fresh and clean.

Spot-cleaning is a type of laundry method used by in Singapore when the care label instructions say that the material can be damaged with both water and solvent-based cleaners. If this is the case, how will you remove stains from the fabric? Spot-cleaning is used primarily in flock fabrics that are very sensitive to rubbing and distortion when cleaned. If there is a stain, the laundry service will recommend vacuuming and brushing.

However, you can blot stains that are still fresh or use a foam upholstery cleaner and a water-based shampoo if it’s stubborn. To avoid damaging the material, remember the following care label codes: S for spot-clean only; W/S for spot-clean with upholstery shampoo; W for spot-clean with water-based shampoo or foam upholstery cleaner; and X for vacuum and light brush only.

Features You Should Look for in the Biometric Access Control System

The biometric door access system is one of the most advanced security systems that can be used in high-traffic areas such as commercial and industrial spaces, government offices, educational institutions, and even medium to large-scale residential complexes in Singapore.

With so many options available today, how do you pick the necessary features and what are the essential components of a biometric door access system that you should look for?


Every biometric door access system is composed of three key components such as the reader or scanner, software for conversion of data, and a database for storage. The type of reader or scanner that in Singapore use on their biometric doors are based on the type of biometric factor being recorded, which can be one of the following: biometric thumbprint, voice biometric, and facial biometric. The biological features are called the authentication methods which will work similarly to the password or PIN for the pin access door system and the magnetic stripe cards for the card access door system.

The information will be converted into digital format that are unique for each person, but how the data is converted will also be based on the type of authentication method. For example, in facial biometric, the scanner will measure the distances and position of the person’s facial features; while in biometric thumbprint, the pattern of lines on the fingerprints will be converted into binary code. The database will serve as the storage for all the data, and this can be centralized and connected to other systems such as the intercom system, to enhance the overall security of the facility.


If you are concerned about the privacy of the data and the security of the system, those will depend on the biometrics factor that is used. Of all the biological features used in the biometric door access system, experts agree that the biometric thumbprint or fingerprint is the most reliable and secure biometric factor. That is because the fingerprints are proven unique among individuals, even among identical twins, and will be difficult to fake or imitate.

Although the facial features and the voice are also reliable and safe, experts agree that the uniqueness cannot be guaranteed. There is also a problem when some of the features have been altered by an illness or an accident, making identification difficult because the person might be mistaken for unauthorized personnel. But this is rare, and there are measures that can override mistakes like this.


When you’re planning to set up a biometric door access system in your office in Singapore, make sure that your provider will offer support and repair policies in case of failure. They should provide on-call technicians who can be relied on in case of emergencies. After all, the biometric door access is supposed to enhance your security, so contact a reliable provider from Singapore like who you can guarantee to provide the right safety, privacy, and repair policies. Some systems will only cover a specific number of doors, so pick a biometric door access system package that will meet all your needs.

So, the next time you search for a security system, whether for residential or commercial use, you know what to look for. The right provider will never compromise your security, but instead add a few more additions to secure the safety of your property.

What to Do Before Renting an Apartment in Saigon

Saigon apartment rental in Saigon can be a daunting task. After all, Saigon is one of the biggest cities in Vietnam, and there can be so many rental choices to choose from, all of which have a lot of considerations you have to keep in mind of. How will you choose between all the districts of Ho Chi Minh City? Will you choose to rent apartment in Saigon, or will you opt for a villa rental instead? As HCMC is a huge city, there are many things that you will need to do in order to make sure that your stay is the best that it can be.

Know the Districts

Before anything else, you will need to keep in mind the number of listings that you can expect to see from every district. Most listings to help you rent apartment at HCMC are commonly from four districts, namely Districts 1, 2, 3, and 7. Condominium rental in district 1, D1 for example, wouldn’t have a lot of listings. This is because district 1 is a crowded district, due to its boisterous and lively atmosphere. If you would find a listing here, it may tend to be on the upper limits of your budget. However, if you can afford it, and the vibrancy of the district does not bother you, District 1 can be the perfect spot for you.

If you choose to rent a place in D3, check for a myriad of great apartment options. D2 is a quieter district compared to District 1 and has what is often to referred to as a suburban atmosphere. It’s a good compromise for people who would like to a bit of peace and quiet and still have access to the malls and tourist spots in D1. There will be more listings available from here, and you would be able to find a large population of expatriates.

If Districts 1 and 3 aren’t the right place for you, you could always choose to look for an apartment rental in D2. D2 is perfect for families, as it has some of the best international schools in Vietnam. Here you could also find malls, parks, and less congested traffic. You would find a lot of opportunities to rent a house here or find a listing for a villa rental.

Of course, you could also always choose to stay at D7. For a lot of people, D7 can seem like a different world entirely, due to its zoning and planning. Here you would find a lot of high-rise buildings, as well as large spacious parks that are perfect for families or simply to just lounge around in. There are also a lot of malls and cafes in this district. Due to its layout, this district has large roads, relatively quiet neighborhoods, and a lack of traffic congestion, as well as pollution. You may also find a lot of listings to rent a house here in D7 or choose from one of many listings for a villa rental.

Do Your Research Early

While knowing the districts is already half the battle, you will also need to brush up on a lot of other things to know about apartment rental in Ho Chi Minh City. Trying to find a Saigon apartment rental can be a daunting task, so you’ll want to be armed with all the information that you can possibly gain. This research may take the form of internet searches, as well as reading up on books and magazines. You could find more in-depth information about how it is to stay in each district by interviewing one of the locals living in Saigon. Perhaps you know a friend of a friend or someone who used to stay there not so far back.

Aside from talking to locals, you can also start to contact agents a week before your move. A good time frame to start contacting agents early is about a week or two before your actual stay begins. This is so that you can get a feel for your apartment, just in case you’re having last-minute concerns about the place. This is also a good way to get to know the neighborhood, and scout out important sports such as the nearest grocery store, convenience store, hospitals and cafes. Plus, you may even get a chance to meet your new neighbors.

Know What You Need

Knowing what you need is an important thing to factor in when looking through Bestrent Vietnam for a place to stay. Just as it is important to understand what your apartment can give you, it is also important to understand what you need from it. Everyone has different needs for their apartment rental in Ho Chi Minh City. For example, some people couldn’t live without a Wifi connection, while others need to have a quiet neighborhood. For others, having a spacious kitchen or a large bathroom is what is important to them.

A good and systematic way to go about this is listing down all the things that you would need to have in your rental. This can be anything from a close proximity to a mall, or large windows. From that list, choose the top three things that you absolutely cannot live without, and make sure that you’re honest and practical about it. Remember to talk to everyone else who is moving to the apartment with you, and create a compromise about what you would need to prioritize when you rent apartment in Saigon.

Of course, you should also remember that while there are many listings for apartment rental in Ho Chi Minh City, you will have to compromise on some things. You may not get all the things that you prioritize on your list, but chances are, you’ll grow to love your place when you rent apartment in HCMC.

11 Smart Ways to Economize AC Use at Home

Singapore is blessed for its bright and sunny climate. However, since we’re not in the beach most of the time, we tend to find ways to cool down at the convenience of our own homes—and that is likely with the use of air conditioning systems.

If you dread the extreme warmth the summer weather brings and hate the expensive aircon repair, you can do more than cranking up your AC’s temperature to keep you cool all day. There are actually plenty of ways to keep yourself cool without racking up your monthly electric bill.

1. Keep your blinds and curtains closed

Did you know that utilizing curtains and blinds can save you seven percent on electric bill and lower your homes indoor temperature by as much as 20 degrees? By simply closing your shades, you prevent unwanted heat from entering your home and saving your space from becoming a mini greenhouse.

2. A better option, use blackout curtains

This type of curtain blocks the sunlight, naturally insulating your room. We suggest getting a neutral-colored set of curtains with white backings to help reduce the amount of heat streaming into your house. In addition to blackout curtains, you can also use window films. These films recommended by aircon master in Singapore are applied to glass windows to reduce heat and glare entering the room.

3. Cool down your body, not just the house

Our ancestors survived without aircon units during their time, and even today not everyone have AC at home. If they can survive the heat, so can you. From drinking ice-cold fruit juices to applying cold cloth to pulsed areas of the body, such as the wrists and neck, cooling yourself first is a smart idea to keep cool in the heat. Other ways include wearing thinner clothing and dipping your feet in cool water.

4. Let the natural air in

In the summer months, temperature tends to drop at night. During this time of the year, make the most of these cooling hours by cracking your windows slightly open at night before going to bed. You can even enhance the ventilation by strategically placing your fan beside the window to help regulate the cool air around the room. With this, you won’t have to use your AC in its highest setting and avoid premature aircon servicing due to overworked unit.

5. Change your sheets regularly

Not only switching seats freshen up the room, but it is also a great way to keep your room cool. Although your fleece blankets and flannel sheets are fantastic cuddlers for colder days, cotton keeps you cooler during warmer months. An additional tip, use a buckwheat pillow. Since it has airspace in between its structure, it does not hold on to body heat like standard pillows do.

6. Do household chores smartly

If possible, iron and wash clothes during the cooler times of the day. When drying your garments, air dry them instead of using the dryer. Also, try cooking outdoors if you can. Make use of your outdoor grill and precook large quantity of food to reduce daytime cooking.

7. Switch off lights

During the day, you do not need much light, so keep them switched off to reduce production of heat inside the house. Only turn on indoor lights when you really need them, especially if you are using incandescent lights. And if you are using incandescent lights, we recommend switching to CFLs (compact fluorescent lamp bulbs). Not only will you save energy, but your house will stay cooler, too.

8. Make use of fans

This is an obvious way to keep a space aired without using an AC, but there are several ways to amp up the cooling that your fan gives. For stand fans, you can put a bowl of ice in front of it to cool the air as it blows. For ceiling fans, make sure the fan is rotating counter-clockwise to push cool air down to the floor as opposed to clockwise rotation, which vacuums the air up.

9. Take a cold shower

This one may be obvious, but worth saying: if you feel hot, lower your body temperature by taking a cold bath. The evaporation of water from your skin will help to further cool you down as you get out of the shower. For a more fun option, invite your family and friends for an afternoon swimming in the pool.

10. Invest in a dehumidifier

Moist heat is worse than dry heat. Humidity is what makes you feel hot and sticky here in Singapore. To keep your home’s humidity at comfortable range of 50 to 60 percent, get yourself a dehumidifier. Choose one that automatically switches off when it hits your desired amount of humidity to save energy. Recycle the water collected from the dehumidifier to water your plants.

11. Keep up with your AC’s maintenance

Since you want your air conditioning unit to last as long as it possibly can, make sure to have it checked regularly by an aircon servicing professional like in Singapore even when you are using it less often. Do not skimp on aircon maintenance just because you do not use it every day. Call a professional aircon servicing in Singapore to have your unit checked as often as your manufacturer recommends.

Sure, the AC unit is the most convenient way to chill you down, but abusing it especially during these hotter months may cause frequent aircon repair and possibly earlier deterioration of your AC unit. Giving these tips a try will not only minimize aircon servicing, but also extend the life of your AC and save you money from your monthly electric bill.

*This list is compiled in no particular order.*

How Freight Forwarders Can Help Your E-Commerce Business

Freight forwarding companies are very good at transporting goods in and out of Singapore in the most compliant way possible, but did you know they offer more than just convenient transport of goods? Here are nine things your freight forwarder here in Singapore can help you run your e-commerce business more profitably.

1. Ensure Compliance

International freight is complicated. You need to adhere to various laws and regulations of overseas countries, which you are not very familiar with. Otherwise, your goods will be put on hold or pay hefty fines before your shipment will be released. Ensuring compliance to rules and regulations is the most critical part of international freight, so it’s just practical to partner with a reliable logistics company.

2. Allow You to Focus at Work

Whether you own a large or small e-commerce business, chances are you are already a busy person; and handling product shipment yourself might just not be feasible. If you work with a shipping company, they have designated staffs to take care of logistics services. Since they have extensive experience, companies like freight master in Singapore have mastered the ins and outs of both air freight and sea freight, and have already developed a system to ensure legal compliance. Working with the right company will save you money and time, which means you can focus more on increasing your sales and improving your supply chain.

3. Understand Duty Rates

If you are selling different products and want to start offering new items, keep in mind that each type of product may be taxed differently. Some goods need further approval for shipping before they get cleared by customs. Not to mention that even some goods in the same category have significantly different tax rates. One example is footwear. Different types of footwear have different duties. You may be surprised to see tariffs at nearly 70 percent! By working with a freight forwarder, you can leverage your knowledge on duty rates to maximize savings.

4. Save Money from Shipping Costs

Alongside the savings you get from duty rates, freight forwarders can negotiate lower rates with shipping carriers due to the high volume of goods they transport regularly. But it is also important to consider the long-term benefits you get from excellent customer service and working with a shipping company that genuinely wants to help grow your business. While hiring a great company as your partner may require you to spend a little bit more, think of the financial benefits it can bring to your company in the long run.

5. Flexibility In Dealing with Emergency Situations

A seasoned shipping company offers flexibility and versatility, which come really helpful for meeting deadlines of shipments and handling unforeseen circumstances. An experienced freight forwarding services company has the right resources to handle unfortunate situations like delays and rerouted shipments. Imagine you are shipping goods to US, Europe and China, and one of them is rerouted to another country because of stormy weather? If you handle the transportation of goods yourself, how would you react to this problem? To an experienced Singapore shipping company, this is just a little hiccup they commonly encounter at work.

6. Less Hassle for You to Learn Terminologies

You know how different industries have their own language? Logistics services are no different to this—FCL, LCL ISF, FOB and TSA sound more like computer codes to uninitiated. Although you can learn the language over time, it might be a waste of resources as you’re making your way to expert level. An experienced logistics company already is an expert of this lingo and can translate everything for you if needed. So, the next time your supplier messages you with a bunch of jargon you just don’t understand, you have a partner to lean on.

7. Convenient Tracking Tools

Since you are an e-commerce, you want to have the tool or feature that allows you and your customers to track shipments. You want a system that monitors where your goods are in the importing/exporting process and when to expect the arrival of the items. With a freight forwarder, you are provided with a tracking number, which you will use to know the location of your shipment and its expected time of arrival (ETA). Whether it is sea freight, air freight or local freight, your logistics company will be able to provide you with accurate details of the status of your shipment.

8. They Can Do Blind Shipments for You

A blind shipment is the transportation of goods with one or more parties involved in the shipping unaware of each other’s identity. Product distributors usually request for blind shipments if they want the supplier to directly ship the goods to the customer without revealing either one’s identity. To maintain the anonymity, shipping with a logistics company is your best option.

9. Help Make Informed Decisions

There are some risks with shipping of goods. While some situations cannot be prevented, such as rough sea and bad weather, some can be managed easily. Significant events like Chinese New Year can disrupt transportation of goods to and from Singapore and other Asian countries. Also, peak seasons cause additional shipping costs, so it is important to work closely with your logistics partner. Your freight forwarder knows very well how to handle these scenarios and help you come up with the best solution possible.

In general, freight forwarders offer so many benefits to any kind of business, but most especially to e-commerce. They serve as the most efficient way to transport larger amounts of products at a more affordable price and reliable manner.

*This list is compiled in no particular order.*

Common Problems in the Bathroom and Kitchen Plumbing

Fixing the sink or the faucet can be a mind-boggling task despite the number of do-it-yourself manuals and instruction videos nowadays. Whenever you have a problem with your plumbing works, you should not take chances just like you would with your electric sockets and switches. Call the nearest plumbing services company in Singapore in case you encounter any of these common plumbing problems.

Common Problems with the Sink
Whether it’s the kitchen sink or the bathroom sink, they always have the same problems. Fortunately, most of the common sink problems can be fixed without a professional, but calling a reliable plumber is still a better option to avoid bigger problems from do-it-yourself fixes.

• Clogged drains
When moving into a new apartment in Singapore, it’s not uncommon for the residents to have clogged drains due to accumulated debris and food left by the last tenant. When this happens, instead of relying on commercial chemicals for clogged drains to clean up the blockage, call a reliable plumber to inspect the sink.

There might also be other problems that have been overlooked if the clogged drains haven’t been addressed by the previous tenant. The licensed plumber will also give you tips on what to do to avoid clogs and when to schedule preventive maintenance of your plumbing works.

• Leaks in the sink
Check the area under the sink for any signs of leak, because the accumulation of waste water can attract bacteria and vermin and will also make the kitchen or bathroom stink. Any leaks under the sink might be caused by a faulty drain basket that might have been installed improperly.

Call a 24 hours plumber if the leak is bad because it could also create problems in the structure around the sink. The Singapore plumbing contractors might have to replace the drain basket and seal it properly to avoid leaks in the future.

Common Problems with the Toilet
Call a 24 hours plumber if you’re having a problem with your toilet, because it could inconvenience everyone at home. Do not wait for it to overflow or leak before addressing the problem.

• Flusher Problems
Check the flusher if it responds normally then check if the water level drops or rises at it should. Toilets that have not been maintained are prone to phantom flushing, double flushing, and other problems which could waste a lot of water.

• Tank Problems
Call a licensed plumber if the tank fills up slowly with water or if there are unusual sounds coming from it. The plumber will also inspect the flapper balls or float balls, handle, lift wire or chain, and flush valves.

Common Problems with the Drains
Clogged drains are also a common plumbing works problem that can be addressed without the need of a plumber. But if cleaning the drain stopper does not solve the problem, there might be a more serious issue that will need the expertise of a reliable plumber.

• Clogged Drains
The plumbing services company might need to look at the drain pipes, especially the drain elbow joints to see what is blocking the flow of water. The plumber might recommend a general cleaning of the drains and stoppers or the pipes and joints might have to be replaced if there are leaks and damage to the plumbing pipes.

• Clogged Kitchen Sinks
The kitchen sinks have issues of their own, especially if your pour down oil and grease down the drains. These could solidify and block the flow of water. Call the plumbing services company to inspect the drains for a possible solution. If the problem has been around for some time, there might also have been a problem with the installation and design of the drain pipe venting and drain pipe slope. Call a plumbing contractor if the kitchen sink needs a renovation.

Common Problems with Fixtures
Bathroom fixtures can easily be replaced with the right tools, but you should not tamper with them if you have no experience or training.

• Dripping Faucets
This problem not only wastes water, but it could also waste your money. Faucets must be properly installed by a plumber to prevent problems like these. Call a plumber if you see or hear anything unusual from the fixtures such as a loose valve, worn-out washer, squealing or humming noises, vibrating parts, cracked or discolored handle, corroded parts, and worn-out screws and clips or valves.

• Broken Water Heater
The plumber does not just fix faucets and toilets, but they are also experts at water heater troubleshooting. If there are problems in the consistency of the water temperature or if the water heater is not working right, call a licensed plumber to inspect the unit.

If you’re planning to install a water heater at home, you should hire a plumbing contractor to make sure that there will be fewer problems in the future, then schedule a routine checkup of the heater to avoid major problems.

Common Problems with Bathtubs
Fixing the bathtub won’t be easy if you’re inexperienced, that is why you should call the nearest plumbing services in Singapore if you experience any of the following problems.

• Bathtub Leaks and Overflows
If the water from the bathtub won’t drain properly, the use of a plunger usually does the trick, but this will not solve the underlying problem. Call a reliable plumber to inspect the drains and pipes, because these are usually hidden from sight and inaccessible.

Do not ignore overflowing water or leaks because the pipes underneath can also damage the structure and affect the units below your apartment. In severe cases, you should hire a plumbing contractor for a remodeling of the bathroom to fix the problem.

• Bathtub Faucet Problems
Dripping bathtub faucets should not be ignored because they affect your monthly water bill. Call a licensed plumber to inspect the bathtub and determine if the fixtures need to be replaced. After all, fixing the bathtub fixtures is a lot more complicated than fixing the faucets on the sink and shower.

Bridal Bouquet Styles You Should Consider

With so many bridal bouquet styles to choose from nowadays, the preparation can be stressful for couples who have no idea how to go about the process. To help make your selection easier, you need to work with a professional wedding florist and study the different types of bridal bouquet styles listed below.

Arm Sheaf. This style is made up of long-stemmed wedding flowers and foliage arranged to be carried with one arm. The bridal bouquet will rest on the arm as if the bride is carrying a baby. It’s a classic style and perfect for ladies who want a rustic, classic wedding theme.

Ballerina. The ballerina bridal bouquet looks similar to a posy, but it has a more flamboyant style and includes more embellishments. It has fewer flowers, however, and has a tulle fabric wrapped around the wedding flowers.

Basket. As the name implies, the bouquet is arranged in a basket, perfect for garden and outdoor weddings.

Biedermeier. If you love layered and colorful bridal bouquets, the round shape of the Biedermeier is perfect for you. You can play with the color scheme and the texture of the flowers to create a statement piece.

Crescent. The flowers are arranged so that the bridal bouquet from Singapore looks like a quarter moon. If you want to make a lasting impression on your guests, you can awe them with this unusual style using colorful flowers. What’s great about this style is that you can work with the wedding florist in Singapore to create flowing or trailing stems that can be carried with one hand below the waist.

Composite Flower. A composite bridal bouquet looks like a single flower, but it is made up of several flower petals arranged into a bouquet. It can be a statement piece, but it is also attractive for its simplicity in the design. The wedding florist usually recommends this to brides who want to wear the classic stark white wedding gown.

Cone. The flowers are arranged in a cone-shaped holder, perfect for your entourage. It can even be used as floral decor on the wedding venue tables.

Fan. Flowers are attached to a fan, a style reminiscent of Victorian style. The wedding florist might recommend this to brides who want to try something different for their wedding besides the usual bouquet of flowers.

Hand-Tied. This is perfect for brides who do not want to carry a bridal bouquet throughout the ceremony. As the name implies, the flowers are styled so that they can be tied to your wrist with fabric or ribbons. The wedding florist recommends this style for weddings with outdoor or rustic themes. Pick only the freshest flowers and add more green colors to achieve that natural look.

Muff. This style is perfect for vintage weddings. The flowers are arranged by the wedding florist in Singapore to look like a corsage so that the hands of the bride will rest on a muff.

Nosegay. A nosegay is similar to a posy bridal bouquet, but it’s smaller and more comfortable on the arms because of the tightly-wrapped stems. It has more leaves and stems to make it appear as natural as possible, and sometimes includes a metal holder for extra comfort. The wedding florist recommends this bouquet for the bridal entourage to complement the bridal bouquet.

Pomander. A pomander looks like a round bouquet, but it has a ribbon handle that can be tied to the hand. It can also be used by the wedding florist in Singapore to decorate the wedding venue. They can also be carried by the bridal entourage to distinguish them from the bridal bouquet.

Posy. For brides who do not want to carry various flowers and want to stick to just one-color scheme or flower species. A posy bridal bouquet can be carried in one hand and decorated with small embellishments.

Prayer Book. The flowers are placed on the book to create a small corsage so that the bride can carry the prayer book during the wedding ceremony. It’s perfect for brides who want to try something new.

Round. As the name implies, the flowers are arranged so that the bridal bouquet is shaped like a dome. This is mostly used for monochromatic wedding flowers using only one species of flowers, but you can also use different colors and various embellishments on the handle.

Scepter. Want to show something dramatic to your guests? The scepter bouquet is shaped like a large wand using cords, ribbons, and various ornaments to create a unique piece.

Shower or Cascading. For brides who want an extravagant bridal bouquet to complement the luxurious floral decor of the wedding venue, you can ask you wedding florist to customize a shower bouquet with dramatic flowers spilling over your hands. You can play with different colors and species of flowers to achieve the effect you want to create.

Tussy-Mussy. The name refers to the bridal bouquet holder for some of the styles included in this list such as nosegay. The wedding florist might recommend one of the several styles and colors of the cone or holder not only to complement the wedding flowers, but to make sure that you’re comfortable throughout the ceremony. It can also be used as a keepsake for the guests.

Wreath. This bridal bouquet style is perfect for brides who do not want to carry large flowers during the wedding ceremony. The wedding florist can customize the flowers and the style for you as well so that it complements the wedding dress. It is less formal than the other bridal bouquet styles listed here, but it’s perfect for outdoor and casual wedding ceremonies. They can also match the floral decor of the venue.

Wrist or Flower Bracelet. This is perfect for brides who want to carry a simple bridal bouquet with a few flowers. It’s a perfect alternative to traditional bridal bouquets because the flowers can be worn on the wrist, so that the bride’s hands are free.

This list is compiled in no particular order.

Why Your Next Event Should be Coffee Catered

Singaporeans love a good cup of Joe. It keeps them awake and alert during the busy days and serves as a satiating break in the middle of the afternoon. Imagine starring this well-loved beverage in your next event. Wouldn’t it be a fun and unique idea?

Here in Singapore, coffee catering is not as common as traditional food catering when it comes to hosting parties and events. However, there are quite a number of great coffee caterers in town ready to service your event.
So, how do you ensure great coffee and efficient service for all your coffee-lover guests? Hire the best coffee catering and keep in mind these important points.

What types of event are suitable for coffee catering?

• Meetings and Conferences
These are usually the events where you’ll usually find a mobile coffee cart. Conference organizers would not want the delegates to roam outside the venue just to look for a coffee shop. Similarly, delegates are usually knowledgeable about coffees—and could even be coffee addicts—and wouldn’t settle with substandard cups of latte. To keep your guests intact and entertained, why not consider hiring a coffee push cart in your event venue?

• Exhibits and Public Events
Getting a mobile coffee cart from Singapore for casual events like exhibits and other public events is always a good idea. Guests in these events are usually on their feet for long hours, so having a professional coffee barista around serving mobile coffee helps a lot to provide better experience for your guests and perhaps give them a reason to stay longer.

• Gala Dinners
After a glamorous dinner, serving hot beverages to guests adds an extra luxe to your luxurious event. Instead of doing rounds of tea or instant coffee, consider serving freshly made cappuccino or hot chocolate to end the party. Whether you serve a cup for every guest or have a coffee push cart available at a corner of the room, having your event coffee catered will surely be appreciated by your guests.

• Weddings
Who says you cannot serve coffee in weddings? While all weddings hire food catering, many couples nowadays are also hiring coffee catering for a touch of luxury and uniqueness to the occasion. Guests feel impressed and excited to see a barista serving everyone specialty hot drinks.

A mobile coffee cart works well for both indoor and outdoor setting, and is a big hit among the guests towards the end of the reception and in between the reception and ceremony. We advise getting a cart that doesn’t only serve coffee, but other beverages as well, such as hot chocolate and mocha frappes.

Reasons to Have a Coffee-Catered Event
1. Coffee gives that sense of camaraderie. Ever wonder why it’s a common thing for people to talk about things over a cup of coffee? It’s because coffee stimulates conversation that connects people. Bring that feature to your next event, and you’ll have attentive guests making friends and socializing with one another.

2. It adds sophistication to your event. Cocktail bars are so mainstream. Cappuccino, espresso and latte are the newest party drinks in town. It is among the popular picks for beverages for mature and sophisticated people.

3. It’s a great addition to regular bars. Having a coffee cart available is great especially for guests who will need some sobering up later in the event. And there’s nothing better than a shot of espresso before sending them home.

4. It’s a touch of glamour for an affordable price. Hiring a specialty mobile coffee cart isn’t as expensive as you think it is. In most cases, a two-hour coffee push cart service costs lesser than spending on a four-tier fondant wedding cake.

5. Including specialty coffee to your catering is seen as socially responsible. It simply means you’re thinking about the welfare of everyone in your event. You’re providing options for everyone, including your non-alcoholic guests, and provide a great option to sober up before ending the event.

6. A coffee bar can reduce insurance costs. Some event insurance costs less if you’re having a coffee bar instead of a cocktail or alcohol bar. Try checking with your event organizer or venue coordinator for this matter.

7. It leaves a lasting impression. A coffee push cart serving specialty coffee is like no other. It simply is effortlessly unique that will create a buzz about your event.

8. It provides positive branding. Your coffee caterer can customize their mobile coffee cart to represent your brand. Your company logo or name can be used as their signage or even printed on cups, which will be served to guests.

9. Coffee bars are flexible. Coffee carts can accommodate and will suit almost all types of events. From meetings, product launches and trade shows to reunions, weddings and even birthday parties (for adults), coffee push cart serves as a great catering choice.

10. It just satisfies the NEED for coffee. Maybe not everyone loves coffee. But most likely, most of we know do. Just the aroma of brewed coffee relaxes us, what more a sip of freshly made one? With a coffee cart in your event, your guests can choose any type of coffee to satisfy their coffee cravings—hot or cold, thick or thin, pure or sweetened.

Getting a coffee catering will add an extra oomph to your event. It is a unique addition that will impress your guests at meetings, conventions, corporate events and even special family gatherings.

Note: This list is compiled in no particular order.

A Quick Guide on Choosing the Wedding Ring of Your Dream

Choosing a wedding ring is a big decision to make among couples. For males who want to surprise their beloved with nothing but the best, the look on their faces when they present the right ring is invaluable.

There are factors to take into account when it comes to choosing your ring. Creativity is prevalent nowadays. While there are those who stick with buying the traditional golden engagement ring, more and more couples opt for platinum and titanium based rings. The latter is noted to take on a more modern feel, and they come in various designs to cater one’s aesthetic.

Shape is also one huge factor when it comes to determining how your rings will look. Some rings are designed large in size, complete with gemstones and crystals to complement the look. While there are also small-sized rings which is perfect for couples who prefer minimalist designs. As the old adage goes, simplicity is beauty.

You don’t necessarily have to get the ‘perfect’ ring. Perfection can be hard to attain, if not impossible on your wedding funds. What’s important is you and your partner choose the ‘right’ ring.

But since your wedding ring is generally something you’ll wear for the rest of your life, it must then be chosen with all the considerations taken into account. Whether you may want a simple traditional band or a ring which takes on modern designs, this article will present relevant information in order to help you choose the right ring.

Choosing the metal
Precious metal comprising your proposal ring is one factor to begin considering. There are various metals to work with for your desired ring and they come with different and unique styles. Some are more suitable than others, although it still all boils down on your decision in the end.

• Yellow gold
Arguably the most common and highly revered choice, yellow gold for customised wedding bands Singapore remains to be the best option among many traditional couples. If you and your partner are planning to wear the ring on a daily basis, consider buying a 9 carat, 14 carat, or 18 carat gold wedding ring at most. These are the rings which are likely combined with strong metals, making them suitable to the demands of everyday life.

• White gold
White gold remains to be popular in Singapore as well, especially among couples who adore the simplicity and gorgeousness of its appearance and also to those who desire something less flashy than yellow gold. This ring is considered to be a perfect complement to a platinum ring. In order to enhance their appearance further, white gold rings are usually coated with Rhodium.

This coating is likely to wear off and fade over time, but it’s nothing to worry about. It can be easily re-applied by various jewelry makers. In doing so, your engagement ring will effortlessly appear brand new.

• Titanium
Rings made out of Titanium are considered relatively new, as this trend only began recently among wedding rings. The chemical element is then considered a modern jewelry metal. In comparison with palladium and platinum (also common metals), Titanium has a remarkably different color, higher resistance to scratching and marks, and a lighter weight when worn on the finger

There are also other contemporary metals with more or less similar properties and appearance with Titanium you can choose from; such as Black zirconium, Tungsten carbide, and Zirconium.

• Platinum
Platinum wedding rings are also increasingly popular among couples in Singapore. Modern couples opt for this choice because of its practicality. While it is rarer and much pricier than gold, a platinum wedding ring lasts forever without a scratch. The white-colored metal is also notably tough enough to withstand everyday wear and tear, making it perfect to wear on the daily. This can also be a great and poetic symbol of your love.

If platinum isn’t friendly on your budget, a palladium wedding ring can also be a great alternative. It has a similar appearance to platinum but you don’t necessarily have to break the bank in order to buy one.

Choosing the shape
After you’ve settled on your desired metal for the rings, the next step brings you to consider the shape of your wedding ring. Does it complement your engagement ring? Can you see yourself wearing the ring every day for the rest of your life? If so, then you are one step closer to finding the ‘right’ ring for both you and your partner. It is essential that you ensure your engagement and wedding rings sit well together.

If you’re looking for something unique, consider a shaped wedding ring. They are also known as fitted or curved rings, and they come in a wide variety of designs. Some of the most common include a Z-shape, a delicate curve, and a cut-out in the ring.

Choosing the diamond
Last but not the least, it is also important to consider if you’d want to include a diamond (or other gemstones) on your ring. Diamond rings are revered as fashionable, making them common among popular wedding ring choices as it provides an elegant backdrop alongside your engagement ring.

Common diamonds and gemstones in wedding rings include brilliant-cut or round diamonds, princess-cut or square diamonds, emerald stones, marquise-cut and pear-shaped precious gemstones. The more unique the diamond shape, the more glamorous the wedding ring will appear. Consequently, unique diamonds and stones will also cost you more.

Weddings are among the highlights of one’s life. It is also generally a once in a lifetime event, which makes it fitting to desire nothing but the best especially when it comes to your wedding rings. With a plethora of choices, it is easy to get overwhelmed in the process. You can make the task easier by taking into account your personal preference, practicality (when worn daily), and the overall price. Choosing the ‘right’ ring doesn’t have to be exhausting. Happy searching!

A Guide to Post-Heart Attack Recovery

If you had a heart attack, you know first-hand that it’ll take an emotional and physical toll on you. It’ll keep you from doing most of the activities that you love to do, and could make you feel scared of developing a more serious heart condition. Still, a lot of people are able to live a normal and productive life after having a heart attack. To achieve the same normal, productive life, simply talk with your Singapore cardiologist on how you can tailor your approach to a healthy heart attack recovery.

1. Take Things Easy

A heart attack is one life-threatening event, and you’re lucky if you managed to survive such a serious situation. You may start feeling better several weeks after the attack, but it’s crucial that you avoid pushing yourself too soon. Normally, it takes up to three months before your physician allows you to go back to work. So use that given time to gradually ease back into your daily routine, and modify your stressful activities to avoid risking a heart attack relapse.

2. Clarify Questions About Certain Medications

Taking medicines is just one part of a typical post-heart attack treatment plan. The medications prescribed by your cardiologist Singapore is based on how much heart tissue was damaged, and your other risk factors. You physician may prescribe drugs for chest pain, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, weight loss and overall discomfort.

3. Join a Cardiac Rehab

Aside from taking certain medicines, you’re also advised to enter a cardiac rehabilitation program. These programs are run by medical professionals, and are designed to monitor your condition and recovery after the heart attack. Such programs are also used to monitor your cardiac risk factors with a heart specialist doctor in Singapore to ensure a healthy recovery. Singapore health experts recommend that you monitor your cardio risk factors, and as much as possible, achieve the following goal numbers:

    • Blood pressure level lower than 140/90 mm Hg
    • Blood glucose level under 100 mg/dL
    • Blood cholesterol under 180 mg/dL
    • Body Mass Index (BMI) of 18.5 to 24.9
    • Waist circumference lower than 40 inches for men, and 35 inches for women

A regular reading of these metrics will be done during your cardiac rehabilitation, but it still pays to be aware of these numbers even after your rehab.

4. Change Your Lifestyle Habits

Having a heart-healthy lifestyle is another way of quickly recovering from a heart attack. So take some time to consider your current lifestyle habits, and look for ways that’ll help in improving them.

    • Exercise

    Performing certain workout routines after you’ve recovered from a heart attack is possible, as long as you have your doctor’s go signal. Regular exercise is essential for maintaining your weight, but it’s also great for working your muscles – the most important muscle being your heart.

    Any form of exercise that gets your blood pumping is good, but when it comes to heart health aerobic exercises are the best choice. Some of the good aerobic exercises include brisk walking, jogging, cycling and swimming. Performing any of these activities will help in increasing the amount of oxygen in your body, and in improving your heart’s ability to pump the oxygen through your bloodstream. Other than that, aerobic exercises also help in reducing cholesterol, hypertension and stress.

    • Eat Right

    A low-calorie, low-fat diet has been proven to help in lowering one’s heart attack risk. If you’ve already had a heart attack, however, eating right is a must to keep relapses from occurring. As much as possible, avoid consuming saturated and trans-fats as these fats contribute to the plaque formation in the arteries, which later on results to heart attack.

    Being overweight and eating too many calories is what strains the heart. So learn to manage your weight, and consume a balanced meal of lean meats, plant foods and low-fat dairy products. Also, opt for fats from plant sources like nuts and olive oil instead of animal fats.

    • Quit Smoking

    You might’ve considered quitting smoking in the past, but doing so is even more important after you’ve had a heart attack. Smoking is a risk factor for developing a heart disease as it increases blood pressure and risks for blood clots. So quit now to significantly improve your overall health and reduce your risk of a heart attack recurrence. Be sure to avoid inhaling second-hand smoke as well, as this poses similar dangers with regards heart health.

    • Manage Your Other Risk Factors

    According to Singapore health experts, heart diseases usually run in families, but majority of heart attacks are attributed to poor lifestyle choices. Aside from your diet, exercise and smoking habits, it’s also crucial that you manage other risk factors that may contribute to future heart attacks. Such risk factors include diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, thyroid disease, great amounts of stress, as well as mental health concerns like anxiety and depression.

5. Know When to Seek Medical Attention

Understand that you’re at a huge risk of having another heart attack after recovering from the first one, which is why it’s crucial that you stay in tune with your body and report any heart attack symptoms to your cardiologist Singapore immediately. Call 995 if you ever experience chest pain, sudden and extreme fatigue, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, shortness of breath and leg swelling.

Living a normal and productive life even after suffering from a heart attack is possible. Just keep these heart healthy tips in mind, and you’ll surely be on your way to a faster recovery from heart attack.

Strategies for Finding the Best Estate Manager

Finding the most suited person to manage your property is crucial if you want your investments to be successful in the long run.  Not only should that person be efficient at doing property management related duties but he or she should also be someone whom you can trust confidently, especially if you are willingly leaving your properties to this person’s care.

Managing your investments could go either bad or good, and common wisdom would say we all would like for the latter to happen. Tapping outside help by having someone manage your properties is a big decision to make in itself hence it is ideal for you to conduct a personal research first before choosing one. Keep in mind you’d want nothing but the best for your properties. A little bit of homework won’t be too stressful!

You would want to look for an ideal managing agent with notable qualities such as excellent organization skills, honesty, and ample experience. But before you could proclaim you’ve found the ‘right’ one to manage your properties, you have to immerse yourself first through the selection process to sift through the roster of Singapore property managers.

Get referrals

Word-of-mouth recommendations still matter in the advent of technology and online blog posts. You are likely to find one of the best property management in Singapore through personal recommendations from people you know; a loved one, a friend, or a co-worker. Conversing with real estate agents and other property owners around may also lead you to some great options.

Enlisting the names of their condo manager or the property management companies they are currently under is ideal. Take note of the factors that they have been happy with, as well as the problems and inconveniences they’ve encountered. This will grant you a glimpse of what you can expect from their services.

Referrals can get biased, though, which is why it is important to get plenty of referrals from various sources. If you can see similarities between what have been said about a certain manager or company, may it be of positive or negative light, chances are it is true.

Do an online search

We live in a modern age where a single click in the search engine can yield hundreds and thousands of search results. This makes research a whole lot easier, especially when you’re narrowing down your choices of potential hires for estate maintenance. There are a number of websites to cater your searching needs like AllPropertyManagement and T-Rex Global which generates a list of property managers and companies available in the area.

Reviews contributed by other people are also beneficial to read on. This would save your time before you proceed with personally interviewing a managing agent at your discretion. See what kind of rating the manager or the company got at an average, and research whether there have been any complaints filed against them.

Check their current work

You can get great information by checking out the actual properties a specific manager or property management company handles. Observe if the properties are clean and well-tended after, because they are likely to care for your properties the same way.  It is encouraged as well to get the opinion of tenants to offer a personal perspective on the way the property is being managed.

Some of the questions you could ask them are as follows, are the complaints and maintenance repairs addressed? Is the building cleaned on a regular basis? How long does it typically take for the manager to fix certain issues? These are only some of the questions you can ask to find out if current tenants are satisfied with the performance of the estate maintenance.

Review their license and other certification

A managing agent typically holds a property management license similar to that of a real estate broker’s in order to show someone around vacant apartments. Trade organizations certify certain managers and companies who have completed a tough training program. Certain courses are offered in order to educate a condo manager in regards to what he or she needs to know about property management, as the broad field covers a lot of aspects.

However, just because a manager has paid to get certificates of completion does not instantly mean they are putting into practice everything they have learned. You also need to learn how to look at the whole picture first before choosing a property manager.

Interview several managers

Screening potential property manager hires will offer you room for comparison, especially in order to find a specific one you are most comfortable with in trusting your properties. By conducting interviews with several prospective agents, you are likely to separate the good from the bad. You will be able to point out those with real knowledge and deliberate planning skills from those without.

Candidates who are receptive to your questions during the interview process are ideal hires. Those who are keen on putting their best foot forward during the interview are likely to impress if you give them a chance to prove themselves in tending after your property.

There is no shortcut when it comes to landing the best estate manager in the area. You have to immerse yourself in the whole deliberation process if you want to leave your properties in good hands, and most of the time that requires a lot of effort, patience, as well as time on your part. All of your efforts won’t be in vain, especially not when a good property manager is the key you need to allow your properties to prosper.

What You Need to Know about Basic Car Maintenance

As car owners, knowing the fundamentals of car maintenance is just as important as ensuring our driver’s license are with us every time we head out for a drive. Note that we don’t necessarily have to turn into car specialists who know everything about car repair. Just knowing the basics can pave a long way for us to learn how to personally work on maintaining our vehicles in their proper condition.

Car servicing can be a tricky subject to approach, especially if you are a beginner. There are so many terms and jargons you have to be familiar of and so many tools and wires you need to be acquainted with. This urges most of the new drivers to seek for shops who offer car servicing in Singapore to fend after their car’s needs, but over time, the maintenance fees can accumulate and hurt your savings in the long run.

The good news is: you don’t have to head to the nearest car workshop to get minor repairs done. If you know your way with a wrench, you are likely able to perform minor car maintenance on your own. There is always room for improvement and learning even if you only know the basics. Not only does attending after your car helps in improving its condition, but it also helps you save the dough.

Air Filters

You can start off by replacing your car’s air filters, whose purpose can be likened to that of our lungs. Older vehicles tend to have clogged air filters which needs urgent replacing. And by replacing these at a car servicing in Singapore the fuel economy and acceleration of your car can be improved by a few percent. Accordingly, doing so also helps improve your car’s acceleration time.

You can check out the owner manual that came along with the purchase of your car if you need a detailed guide on the process. These manuals generally explain some basic car repair processes, and one of them is the changing of air filters. If you drive around a dusty part of Singapore, you might need to have replacement more often.

Oil Change

Another notably simple car servicing process is getting an oil change. This is done in order to keep your car in good condition. If you neglect the proper maintenance, you are likely bound to get your warranty services void (which is a case-to-case basis) or have your engine fail completely which can prompt you to spend a few hundred dollars.

Cooling System

Maintaining your car’s cooling system in proper condition is also crucial. You have to ensure it’s on its good working order in order to avoid any problems that may arise should it break down in the middle of your drive. Doing so makes it a good time to conduct a general system flush; especially with a lot of car components which needs regular checking and maintenance.
The ideal cooling-system car servicing also includes getting the hoses, belts, fluids, and the pump thoroughly checked.

Tire Pressure

Checking the pressure of your tires is something you should consider doing regularly. It is advised to spend a few dollars in a tire gauge to monitor your tire pressure on a regular basis. This includes checking your spare tires — which is generally often overlooked. Doing so greatly helps in the improvement of fuel efficiency.

This aspect of car servicing also cuts down the wear and tear build-up damage on your tires. Additionally, it also informs you if your car is correctly aligned.


Giving your vehicle the proper washing it deserves may sound like a chore in the midst of the work deadlines and other activities you urgently need to attend to, but it is crucial to always keep your car as clean as possible. Doing so does not only keep your vehicle look good, but it also maintains your car’s finish.

Accumulated dirt on your car likely means allowing a layer of dead bugs, fallen leaves, bird droppings to stay for long stretches of time. This strips off wax and paint, tearing your car’s finish apart. Using a washing product designed specifically for vehicle use is important if you won’t want to strip off the protective wax your car has. These are made available in many stores all over Singapore so don’t use hand soap or dishwashing liquid as alternatives!

Scheduled Service

It is also advised to constantly keep track of your scheduled car services. You can check your owner guide manual for the dates, or head over to your respective car workshop (if your car’s make has a workshop nearby). Schedule car maintenance service with your dealer accordingly. Doing so guarantees you’ll get genuine parts and avail the expertise you need.

Maintenance is important to keep your car in a good working condition. This involves a general check-up of various parts, as well as the replacement of parts such as timing belts, wires, and spark plugs. Other major parts may also require replacement to keep your car running safely and efficiently. This may prompt you to spend a little more than usual, but if it ensures both you and your passengers’ safety, consider it as a small price to pay.

There are some basic car maintenance tips which you can learn and do yourself. This allows you to improve your way with a car wrench and save a few couple of dollars. Regardless, in cases where it is beyond your own mechanical abilities, it is still encouraged to personally seek professional vehicle servicing from various shops scattered across Singapore.

Why You Should Invest in Picturesque Kahuna Ho Tram Resort

The beautiful beach town of Hồ Tràm in Bà Rịa-Vũng Tàu Province, Vietnam is a dream paradise that showcases private beach resorts, condominiums overlooking the sea, world-famous fine dining restaurants, the biggest casino in Vietnam, the best hotels, a world-class golf course, and the premium destination for rest and recreation outside of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

One of the most famous integrated beaches is the Kahuna Ho Tram Strip in Vietnam Vung Tau. Along with its sister beach Hồ Cốc, Hồ Tràm is poised to become one of Asia’s premier destinations for local and foreign tourists alongside Macau and Phuket. Called the Las Vegas of Vietnam, Kahuna Ho Tram is now expanding its integrated resorts through property investment opportunities.

Ho Tram, Bà Rịa-Vũng Tàu Province

The city of Vũng Tàu in the Bà Rịa-Vũng Tàu Province itself is a well-known destination for tourists who wish to get away from the hectic city life of Ho Chi Minh City, because it offers not just world-class amenities, but is also located near a gulf river and is surrounded by nature.

It used to be a destination for ships during the colonial period, but it’s now known for its role in the offshore oil industry. Its beaches, however, still draw the beachheads because of spectacular views of its pristine waters. It’s also dotted with various pre-colonial and colonial sites, an 11,000-hectare rainforest, and mineral and hot springs.

Recently, it has become popular among tourists for its famous beaches in Vũng Tàu, Long Hải, Hồ Cốc, and Hồ Tràm. Rapid development in these areas have opened opportunities to invest in condo by purchasing beach villa for sale or owning a villa beside the golf course. Opportunities are also open for holiday resort investment, property investment, and owning your own Vung Tau condo for rent.

Hồ Tràm and Hồ Cốc Beaches

The so-called twin beaches of Hồ Cốc and Hồ Tràm in Vietnam is becoming the country’s premier destination for entertainment and recreation. South of Hồ Cốc, Hồ Tràm boasts of the Kahuna Ho Tram Strip, which features Vegas-style facilities. Known for their accessibility from the nearest city, it is the preferred destination of travelers because of the variety of hotels, resorts, and activities that you can choose from.

For most of the year, the beaches are in good condition, although holidays and weekends are usually jam-packed. The once humble fishing villages with few open-air markets is now being developed into a resort and casino capital in the country.

Kahuna Ho Tram Resort

When the ambitious plans for an isolated casino and resort was abandoned, local and foreign business investors took over the project and produced the Grand Ho Tram Strip in 2013. Additional projects have been ongoing since then and Kahuna Ho Tram now boasts of the Kahuna Ho Tram Strip, the Bluffs Golf Course, beach clubs, villas overlooking the seascape, five-star hotels and restaurants, entertainment shops and facilities, various shops, and many more.

Kahuna Ho Tram Resort is now opening its doors for property investment of luxurious condominiums, villas, and condotels. If you invest in condo, you will also get to enjoy everything that Kahuna Ho Tram has to offer at one of its integrated world-class beach resorts, the grand casino, the internationally-renowned golf course, posh five-star hotels, game centers, dragon slide and pools, central park, award-winning spas, miniature golf course, grand cinema, fitness center, kids’ corner, and the endless breathtaking view of the sea.

If you invest in condo at Kahuna Ho Tram Resort, you will be picking from one of the 136 standard units and the 64 units with special amenities, such as a pool or Jacuzzi, a beach front villa, villa beside golf course, and a villa double key. All of these properties are designed to maximize the breathtaking view of the sea and are equipped with facilities that will make you feel like you’re living in a luxury liner instead of on land. Get your own Vung Tau condo now with one of their beach villa for sale and feel like royalty with the best services that Kahuna Ho Tram Resort has to offer.

Updo Hairstyles You Need to Try

Updo hairstyles are common during special events like weddings, but it has also become a common go-to style among the fashion-conscious even when paired with casual outfits. What are updos and how do you find the right style for your hair length?

Common Updo Types

When you visit the best hair salon in Singapore, you might be surprised to learn that even short hair can sport updos. Generally, updos are classified into the following five general types.

1. Ponytail

This style pulls all of the hair back away from the face, but the stylist at the hair salon in Singapore can vary the styles using different hair clips, ties, pins, and other accessories. The result is that the hair will look like the undocked tail of a pony, thus the name. There are different ways to do the ponytail, such as bunches or pigtails, braids or plaits, and dog-ears.

2. Bun

Most of the hair at the hair salon from Singapore is pulled back away from the face and then braided, twisted or wrapped so that it forms into a bun or coil at the back or top of the head. Then the coil or bun is secured by the hair salon stylist with hairnet, bobby pins, sticks, barrette, and other hair accessories. Like ponytails, there are also different ways to style a bun, such as the odango, niujiaotou, man bun, and topknot.

3. French Twist

Another updo style that you can ask from your hair salon stylist is the French twist. Most of the hair is pulled back away from the face and then twisted upwards in on itself against the head. It is secured with bobby pins, barrettes, combs, and other hair accessories. It can be worn either loose or tight depending on the occasion, but the neat, tight French twists are usually the choice when attending weddings and other special events.

4. Beehive

The hair salon stylist pulls most of the hair away from the face then piles it on top of the head in a conical shape, with a point near the top so that it looks like a beehive. This type of updo was most popular during the 1960s when big hair was the thing. The hair salon stylist will use a comb to slowly tease the hair upwards in a technique called backcombing, so that the hair looks smooth. It resembles the pompadour and bouffant in its effect on the face and will look as if you’re wearing a cap.

5. Chignon

This style pulls most of the hair away from the face then styled into a knot or bun near the nape of the neck, unlike the bun which is placed higher near the top of the head. Then the hair is secured with hair pins, barrettes, and other accessories. The name chignon comes from the French word for the nape. This hair style is a popular go-to updo by the best hair salon in Singapore for wedding attendees. There are also other ways to do a chignon, such as the cockernonnie.

Updo for Short Hair

    • Unstructured. Even extremely short hairstyles like bobs and short pixies can still sport updos. One of the most popular styles in some hair salon in Singapore is the use of unstructured pins in a half updo.
    • Twists. Pins can also be used at the back of the hair to pin several twisted hairs.
    • Rolled-Up. Instead of doing side updos, you can also roll up the ends of your hair at the back of your head like a chignon.
    • Pony. You could still do a ponytail, but you’ll have to use pins and other accessories to keep shorter hair away from your face.
    • Stacked Buns. You could also do buns, but divide your hair into three rows so that they look like they’ve been stacked up at the back of your head.
    • Multi-headband. Some hair salon stylists prefer to use headbands instead of pins if the hair is too short.
    • Side Braids. If you’re sporting a slightly longer bob, ask the hair salon stylist to do a side braid.
    • Mini Braids. You can also sport more than braids to keep the hair away from your face.

Updo for Medium-Length Hair

    • Textured and Loose. This is a two-stranded braid that come together near the nape, perfect for those with naturally thick and textured hair.
    • Twisted Bun. This updo can be worn at any occasion to create volume and texture at the front by dividing the hair into two sections before gathering them into a twisted ponytail.
    • Faux Updo. A severe side part is made into structured curls, while the other half of the hair is left naturally.
    • Half Updo. The hair near the crown is smoothed out and twisted into a bun to create volume.
    • Braided. You could experiment with this type of updo by doing a braid at the front and another one on the bun before placing the bobby pins.
    • Partial. This style uses mousse on the hair right after shampooing so that the hair becomes frizzy and rounded when blow-dried.
    • Boho Chic. This style loosely pins the curled hair at the back.
    • Textured Side. The hair is parted into three sections, then the front is pulled back softly to form a bun.

Updo for Long Hair

    • Woven Ponytail. The hair salon stylist parts the hair in the middle and divides it into three sections then the two side strands are twisted towards the middle strand ponytail.
    • Braided Bun. Most of the hair salon in Singapore use this for fast styling by creating three braids and then wrapping them around into a bun.
    • Ballerina Bun. This style cis created with a high ponytail at the top of the head before placing a foam bun over the hair tie. The hair is then twisted around the foam before placing another tie to secure it in place.
    • Refined Ponytail. A high ponytail is first made then a small section of hair at the bottom is wrapped around the hair tie.

Reasons Why You Should Switch to VoIP Technology for Your Business Needs

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is a communication technology which allows users to receive and make calls via a stable internet connection. This is different compared to the conventional phone system, which utilizes the Public Switched Telephone Network or the PSTN. This new form of communication system has revolutionized the way we make our calls — and if anything, it provided a number of benefits on behalf of business owners.

For one, it relies mainly on a high-speed internet connection to function. It converts sound into digital voice data and transmits it through the internet back and forth. Years ago, we wouldn’t have thought of using the internet to receive and create phone calls, but here we are in the dawn of technological advancements reaping off the many benefits to our advantage.

With that said, there are other reasons as to why businesses switch to using VoIP Singapore technology to fulfill their company’s communication needs. For instance, more and more enterprises are adapting a pbx phone system which is powered by a hosted VoIP system because it is far more practical and convenient to manage. Various studies have also shown how the system can increase work productivity many times over, hence it is not a surprise to know a lot of businesses are leaning onto making the switch.

Easy installation and maintenance

The thing about a VoIP system is that it is very easy to install, and even if you lack enough technical expertise you can still set it up and get it running. In comparison with installing your traditional telephone line, you will be pleasantly surprised to know how easy the installation process for Singapore cloud voip can get. You do not need to stress yourself over finding a technical specialist to install the system, for instance, when your company is eyeing to install a VoIP-based IP PBX telephone system.

There is also no need to install additional hardware as long as you have a reliable internet connection. The scalability of this kind of system is also incredible since a VoIP system can be either scaled up or down with a simple upgrade package. Businesses in Singapore will also enjoy its low-maintenance benefits since it makes a perfect option for any enterprise.

Multi-functional features

In comparison with the traditional landline, a cloud VoIP system can be integrated with a number of features which can help you communicate with your clients or your personnel more smoothly. For example, you can conduct a video conference through your VoIP phone — allowing you to be in touch with your customers and colleagues to discuss important agendas, deals, and meetings regardless of where you are.

Even when you are outside Singapore attending an important conference related to your work, you still possess the capacity to attend other important meetings through a video calling conference without worrying about being physically present. In this digital modern world we live in, this has become the norm in various business settings.


If your company runs on an IP PBX telephone system to cater to its communication needs, the system becomes flexible in adapting to a number of situations. For instance, you can still use your traditional phone along with a VoIP phone adapter or converter since the system itself is powered by VoIP. A converter takes form in the likes of a USB memory stick, hence you can easily plug it onto any computer unit. This can sense signals emanated by other phones, which is then converted into digital data and transmitted over the internet.

A VoIP Singapore system or a hosted pabx will give you your own VoIP number, so wherever you are headed to you can still receive phone calls to the same number as long as you have a stable and high-speed internet connection.

Reduced operating costs

A cloud VoIP based phone system is notably much cheaper to maintain and manage in comparison with using a conventional phone which runs on the Public Switched Telephone Network or the PSTN. You wouldn’t have to worry about the bill on long distance calls, especially when your VoIP provider has fixed cheaper prices to your advantage. A lot of service bundles are offered by companies to cater to the customers efficiently.

Landlines in Singapore offer fewer advantages compared to a phone line powered by VoIP. They also cost so much more, hence many companies are making the move away from traditional landlines.


You don’t have to worry about carrying tremendous routers and placing wires all over your office when it comes to VoIP. When hosting a pbx phone system which is powered by VoIP in your business, it provides convenience and comfort in carrying out the company’s work processes. As long as you have a stable broadband connection, you can access your VoIP phone and receive a dial tone regardless of wherever you are in the world.

There also won’t be any problems relating to connections and operating costs so long as you have access to the internet. To make things more convenient, you can also access your VoIP system or hosted pabx through email or while you are currently traveling. You can still contact clients or personnel via a low-cost call if you bring along your headset or IP phone with you.

VoIP Singapore technology has revolutionized the way we make and receive our calls. Gone were the days we solely relied on standard telephone lines to handle and manage our communication needs. We now live in the dawn of technological advancement where we can use the help of the internet to cut the costs of calls even if they are made overseas. A lot of benefits are attributed with using a VoIP phone system, hence more and more companies are making the switch to this technology to fulfill their communication needs.

5 Must-Dos Before Booking a Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

Weddings are among the most important days to cherish in one’s life. Preparing for one likely means you’ve spent a good amount of time and money for wedding preparations such as reserving a ceremony venue or booking a beautician. Since weddings generally happen only once in a lifetime, it is only natural to want to look good for the big day. Pictures and videos will bear testament to the event for the rest of your life — hence it won’t hurt to shell out hard-earned cash to look your best.

The solution? Hire a skilled makeup artist in Singapore who will offer you the best beauty and cosmetic services for a justifiable price. Securing a deal that won’t hurt your wallet is important, considering there are other aspects to wedding preparations you also have to take into account. The process of finding the right stylist might be tricky, though. Which is why you have to invest patience in the search if you want nothing but the best.

If you are not sure as to what you should do first in this search, breathe. It’s okay if you’re unsure as of the moment. In fact, a lot of brides-to-be do not have a single clue as to what they must do or what they must be looking for. You will soon find what you’re looking for, or at least in the process, figure out your desired look for that big day in your life. Hence before you go and book a makeup stylist for your wedding, this article will present 5 must-dos in order to help you get oriented with bridal beauty basics you need to know.

1. Conduct your research

Research has never been this easy when we can now gather thousands of search results from one click alone. If you’re looking for suggestions on bridal stylists, you can easily find results in a simple web search of the words “bridal makeup artists in Singapore”. Chances are there’s also blog reviews about their services, and reading through them can give you a glimpse on the experience you may have. If you’re a little skeptical, word-of-mouth or personal recommendations from people you know can go a long way as well.

2. Find possible makeup artists early

With the fair number of renowned beauticians in Singapore, you might think it’s easy to book the services of one at your disposal but the truth is—booking the best makeup artist might get a little intense especially around the wedding season of June. It is then wise to start sifting through potential stylists a few weeks before your wedding. This will give you enough time for consultations or even make-up trials, saving you from any headaches if you delay any longer.

Ideally, you would want to work with an artist who you get along with. You have to consider the frequent number of times you have to meet-up in the following weeks, hence choose someone who makes it a pleasant experience for you. It is also ideal to book the services of a stylist who can bring your vision to life. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, more or less, and you’d naturally want everything to fall accordingly to your favor.

3. Step up your skincare routine

Pampering your skin a few months before the big day is important. Almost every makeup artist would attest to this fact, as a healthy and well-conditioned skin makes the perfect canvas to achieve desired results. You have to prepare your skin prior to the heavy use of cosmetics. It is highly encouraged to fix any underlying skin health issues as early as possible, as well as get regular facial sessions. Keeping yourself hydrated on the daily is also one way to maintain the vigor of your skin.

Also remember that the condition of your skin also boils down on what you eat. Hence, it is never too early to start improving your diet and incorporating lycopene and other essential vitamin and minerals onto your daily meal plan.

4. Test the cosmetics before the big day

Many brides-to-be have sensitive skin, meaning their cosmetic and make-up choices are limited only to those which suits their skin type. Note that not all makeup products cater everyone. As a matter of fact, some might trigger allergic reactions and the like. You wouldn’t want problems like these to arise on the day of your wedding which is why it is urged to try the cosmetics beforehand in order to address any issues that may arise.

It is also important to remember how your expectations may differ from reality. What you ideally thought as an appropriate wedding look for you might end up looking different in person, so you have to condition yourself first. Ask your makeup stylist to give you a test run of the make-up look prior to the wedding. That way, you can see and decide for yourself.

5. Avail make-up consultation

Consultations are ideal most of the time, especially if you want to look your best on your wedding day. If you do not have any particular preference for a set look yet, try asking a makeup artist on his or her suggestions. As someone who is experienced in the field, they know their way around cosmetics and can easily point out the proper lipstick shade to this particular skin tone. They also likely know the ideal hairstyles for specific face shapes. Doing so will also give you a sense of what you like and don’t, which will undoubtedly help you sift through the many choices.

Booking a makeup artist for your wedding day doesn’t have to be difficult. There might be setbacks along the way, but you just have to put in a generous amount of patience and effort in order to find the ‘right’ one you’re looking for. This is little compared to the assurance you’ll get that you will look good on the big day.