Digital Dispatch: The Youth Design Program at the Field Museum

Friday, February 01, 2013 at 10:48 am

Teens in Chicago have been busy at work designing a pop-up museum that brings a youth-created exhibit to the community. They've picked their theme and are now working on designing the details of the experience.

Sophie, an 11th grader from the Youth Design Team shares an update below:

Here at The Field Museum the Youth Design Team has been hard at work! After weeks of thorough deliberation, all ten of us high schoolers have come to agree on a topic which we will produce a pop-up exhibit on! The marriage of all of our ideas led to a decision to focus on the sometime harmonious, sometime contentious but often overlooked relationship between humans and the natural world. Titled HumaNature, our pop-up exhibition is about the ways in which Nature changes us…and we change nature. With vital deadlines approaching every week, we have little time to fool around! Among the ten of us, we equally distributed the dense impending workload by taking on a job. 

The Content team has made an immense amount of progress. They’ve recently finished sifting through information and condensing facts into comprehensible text panels. They also helped to generate display ideas for graphics. Currently the Content team is helping out the Social Outreach team by generating facts to give the public a sneak peek of things to come. Like our Facebook page to get the insider scoop! And, stay tuned: the Social Outreach team is creating a website that will feature the videos and interactives that accompany HumaNature. 

The Design team has chosen a color palette as well as developed a logo. They are currently learning how to use Adobe Illustrator to produce the exhibit panels and the logo. In the future they will be helping the Video Producer with the graphic look and feel for the films as well as produce posters with QR codes for Production. 

The Interactives team is crafting early prototypes for games visitors to our pop-up exhibition can play. Among the early ideas: a flipbook and a game for an iPad…and something with zombies!

Video Production is working to produce films visitors can download at the exhibit or view on the website. They have three videos in production on various ways humans and the natural world are intricately involved.

Our Production team has generated blueprints for the exhibit as well as setup and shutdown plans. These are constantly evolving as more additions are made to the exhibit. The team is working closely with the Interactives team to plan the assembly of analog and digital experiences!

As deadlines draw near and the things get increasingly hectic, the Youth Design Team is efficiently progressing toward the completion of HumaNature. Stay tuned for weekly updates on what’s going on with us!