Featured Model Classroom Project: Stewards of Wyoming Local History

Friday, November 30, 2012 at 1:36 pm

The Mercantile in Sheridan County, Wyoming is one of many local sites Laurie Graves and Lamont Clabaugh's 3rd Grade students will explore through the "Then and Now of Sheridan County" project.

Sheridan County, Wyoming has a history rich in farming, coal mining, and railroads. These industries have brought waves of diverse immigrant groups to the area over the years. Third Grade teachers Laurie Graves and Lamont Clabaugh are challenging their students to investigate this history, their present-day community, and ultimately produce a public report predicting the county's future. Throughout this process students will conduct ethnographic research within the community and visit a variety of sites including dude ranches and local museums.  

Learn more about this project at the Model Classroom website. Then, stay tuned for updates as Laurie and Lamont's students dig into this exciting project!