Teens at the California Academy of Science Launch the "Problem with Plastics" Social Media Campaign

Thursday, April 18, 2013 at 4:49 pm

As we get into the final month of the Pearson Young Scientists "Problem with Plastics" program, our energetic teens are focusing on designing their social media campaign to impact the issue of plastics in the San Francisco Bay Area, and beyond.  

The ten youth have already created a number of great assets that they can use including:

  • Several upcycled plastic and trash projects
  • Three instructional videos on upcycled plastic projects
  • An infographic on trash and recycling in San Francisco
  • Maps of their trash collection activities in San Francisco

The youth have decided that the focus of their campaign will be on single-use plastic bottles.  Their draft mission statement is "Reduce the use of plastic bottles and other plastic waste by educating and involving the community through social media.”

The technologies and applications that the youth are most interested in creating are videos (to introduce their campaign), Facebook Pages (as the medium to host their campaign), and an image sharing competition (to get the public involved in their campaign on regular basis.)

They still have a lot to figure out, including what is the social media tool for the public to post and share photos, what hashtag to associate with their campaign, who will work on what aspects of their campaign, and how it will be administered and monitored once the program is finished on April 20.

Check out their Facebook page and YouTube channel and see the students' work.