Teens at Chicago's Field Museum Engage in Authentic Collaboration to Meet their Deadline

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at 12:35 pm


We've been following the Youth Design Team as they plan, develop, and share their pop-up museum with the Chicago community. 16-year old Dana, a teen in the program, gives us an exciting birds eye view of their work process in the blog post below. 

This week in YDT, we realized exactly how little time we have left until the opening of our exhibit — next week is our “dress rehearsal”, and the week after is our first pop-up! Everyone was working furiously to meet deadlines, and some even stayed after class to finish what they were working on.

The final full size paper drafts of the panels were delivered right before class, so the Production and Graphics teams took a short trip to meet the printer in the Shipping Dock in the basement of the Museum.  Content and Graphics worked on their final edits to the panels. The panel drafts were tested with the pop-up frame to make sure they were the right size, and the files were then fixed accordingly. Hopefully, they were sent out to the printer for the last time! (Fingers crossed!)

The Graphics team also designed and illustrated the “flipbook” interactives. These simple interactives will be panels attached to the frame that will provide the visitor with facts about coexistence when the panel is lifted. The “flip food” interactives give facts about genetically modified foods when flipped over. These have plastic food — a tomato and an ear of corn — affixed to the panel as the handle for lifting the panel!

Our video producer spent the class editing and putting finishing touches on the videos he made for the exhibit and played two of the three for the entire YDT team to get some last minute input.  The videos are very clever and thought-provoking and are really coming together well.

The Marketing & Outreach team had a busy day, which included making a flyer for the exhibit, writing a pitch script to use when pitching the exhibit and asking permission to pop-up at places other than the Museum, writing future social media posts, and starting to contact potential pop-up locations.  They also “zombiefied” everyone in YDT, and posted the pictures on our Facebook page as marketing for the zombie adaptation game.

The Content team, now down to one member as the other person has relocated to Marketing & Outreach, checked facts and wrote content for the flipbook and flip food interactives and the mobile app games.

Interactives worked on building the story and content of the zombie adaptation mobile app game.

Production worked with the Content and Graphics teams to design the flipbook and flipfood reveal interactives, finished work on the trivia mobile app game, and got some help from a member of the Museum’s production staff in creating a secure way to connect iPads to the pop-up frame in order to be able to play the videos at all pop-up locations.

I’m excited at seeing how well — and how quickly — everything is coming together!

Want to learn more? Check out the Take the Field Facebook page and Twitter site here.