Bridal Bouquet Styles You Should Consider

With so many bridal bouquet styles to choose from nowadays, the preparation can be stressful for couples who have no idea how to go about the process. To help make your selection easier, you need to work with a professional wedding florist and study the different types of bridal bouquet styles listed below.

Arm Sheaf. This style is made up of long-stemmed wedding flowers and foliage arranged to be carried with one arm. The bridal bouquet will rest on the arm as if the bride is carrying a baby. It’s a classic style and perfect for ladies who want a rustic, classic wedding theme.

Ballerina. The ballerina bridal bouquet looks similar to a posy, but it has a more flamboyant style and includes more embellishments. It has fewer flowers, however, and has a tulle fabric wrapped around the wedding flowers.

Basket. As the name implies, the bouquet is arranged in a basket, perfect for garden and outdoor weddings.

Biedermeier. If you love layered and colorful bridal bouquets, the round shape of the Biedermeier is perfect for you. You can play with the color scheme and the texture of the flowers to create a statement piece.

Crescent. The flowers are arranged so that the bridal bouquet from Singapore looks like a quarter moon. If you want to make a lasting impression on your guests, you can awe them with this unusual style using colorful flowers. What’s great about this style is that you can work with the wedding florist in Singapore to create flowing or trailing stems that can be carried with one hand below the waist.

Composite Flower. A composite bridal bouquet looks like a single flower, but it is made up of several flower petals arranged into a bouquet. It can be a statement piece, but it is also attractive for its simplicity in the design. The wedding florist usually recommends this to brides who want to wear the classic stark white wedding gown.

Cone. The flowers are arranged in a cone-shaped holder, perfect for your entourage. It can even be used as floral decor on the wedding venue tables.

Fan. Flowers are attached to a fan, a style reminiscent of Victorian style. The wedding florist might recommend this to brides who want to try something different for their wedding besides the usual bouquet of flowers.

Hand-Tied. This is perfect for brides who do not want to carry a bridal bouquet throughout the ceremony. As the name implies, the flowers are styled so that they can be tied to your wrist with fabric or ribbons. The wedding florist recommends this style for weddings with outdoor or rustic themes. Pick only the freshest flowers and add more green colors to achieve that natural look.

Muff. This style is perfect for vintage weddings. The flowers are arranged by the wedding florist in Singapore to look like a corsage so that the hands of the bride will rest on a muff.

Nosegay. A nosegay is similar to a posy bridal bouquet, but it’s smaller and more comfortable on the arms because of the tightly-wrapped stems. It has more leaves and stems to make it appear as natural as possible, and sometimes includes a metal holder for extra comfort. The wedding florist recommends this bouquet for the bridal entourage to complement the bridal bouquet.

Pomander. A pomander looks like a round bouquet, but it has a ribbon handle that can be tied to the hand. It can also be used by the wedding florist in Singapore to decorate the wedding venue. They can also be carried by the bridal entourage to distinguish them from the bridal bouquet.

Posy. For brides who do not want to carry various flowers and want to stick to just one-color scheme or flower species. A posy bridal bouquet can be carried in one hand and decorated with small embellishments.

Prayer Book. The flowers are placed on the book to create a small corsage so that the bride can carry the prayer book during the wedding ceremony. It’s perfect for brides who want to try something new.

Round. As the name implies, the flowers are arranged so that the bridal bouquet is shaped like a dome. This is mostly used for monochromatic wedding flowers using only one species of flowers, but you can also use different colors and various embellishments on the handle.

Scepter. Want to show something dramatic to your guests? The scepter bouquet is shaped like a large wand using cords, ribbons, and various ornaments to create a unique piece.

Shower or Cascading. For brides who want an extravagant bridal bouquet to complement the luxurious floral decor of the wedding venue, you can ask you wedding florist to customize a shower bouquet with dramatic flowers spilling over your hands. You can play with different colors and species of flowers to achieve the effect you want to create.

Tussy-Mussy. The name refers to the bridal bouquet holder for some of the styles included in this list such as nosegay. The wedding florist might recommend one of the several styles and colors of the cone or holder not only to complement the wedding flowers, but to make sure that you’re comfortable throughout the ceremony. It can also be used as a keepsake for the guests.

Wreath. This bridal bouquet style is perfect for brides who do not want to carry large flowers during the wedding ceremony. The wedding florist can customize the flowers and the style for you as well so that it complements the wedding dress. It is less formal than the other bridal bouquet styles listed here, but it’s perfect for outdoor and casual wedding ceremonies. They can also match the floral decor of the venue.

Wrist or Flower Bracelet. This is perfect for brides who want to carry a simple bridal bouquet with a few flowers. It’s a perfect alternative to traditional bridal bouquets because the flowers can be worn on the wrist, so that the bride’s hands are free.

This list is compiled in no particular order.