Features You Should Look for in the Biometric Access Control System

The biometric door access system is one of the most advanced security systems that can be used in high-traffic areas such as commercial and industrial spaces, government offices, educational institutions, and even medium to large-scale residential complexes in Singapore.

With so many options available today, how do you pick the necessary features and what are the essential components of a biometric door access system that you should look for?


Every biometric door access system is composed of three key components such as the reader or scanner, software for conversion of data, and a database for storage. The type of reader or scanner that http://www.secureoffice.sg/ in Singapore use on their biometric doors are based on the type of biometric factor being recorded, which can be one of the following: biometric thumbprint, voice biometric, and facial biometric. The biological features are called the authentication methods which will work similarly to the password or PIN for the pin access door system and the magnetic stripe cards for the card access door system.

The information will be converted into digital format that are unique for each person, but how the data is converted will also be based on the type of authentication method. For example, in facial biometric, the scanner will measure the distances and position of the person’s facial features; while in biometric thumbprint, the pattern of lines on the fingerprints will be converted into binary code. The database will serve as the storage for all the data, and this can be centralized and connected to other systems such as the intercom system, to enhance the overall security of the facility.


If you are concerned about the privacy of the data and the security of the system, those will depend on the biometrics factor that is used. Of all the biological features used in the biometric door access system, experts agree that the biometric thumbprint or fingerprint is the most reliable and secure biometric factor. That is because the fingerprints are proven unique among individuals, even among identical twins, and will be difficult to fake or imitate.

Although the facial features and the voice are also reliable and safe, experts agree that the uniqueness cannot be guaranteed. There is also a problem when some of the features have been altered by an illness or an accident, making identification difficult because the person might be mistaken for unauthorized personnel. But this is rare, and there are measures that can override mistakes like this.


When you’re planning to set up a biometric door access system in your office in Singapore, make sure that your provider will offer support and repair policies in case of failure. They should provide on-call technicians who can be relied on in case of emergencies. After all, the biometric door access is supposed to enhance your security, so contact a reliable provider from Singapore like www.secureoffice.sg who you can guarantee to provide the right safety, privacy, and repair policies. Some systems will only cover a specific number of doors, so pick a biometric door access system package that will meet all your needs.

So, the next time you search for a security system, whether for residential or commercial use, you know what to look for. The right provider will never compromise your security, but instead add a few more additions to secure the safety of your property.