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Design, Art, and Code is a free, week-long summer camp developed by Institute of Play where 12-15 year olds explore and develop their interests in visual design and computer programming. Participants work with professional designers and programmers to learn fundamental concepts of design, experiment with 3D graphics and printing, and learn creative computation using Processing and HTML5. Underwritten by the New Learning Institute, Design, Art and Code took place in New York City and Chicago.


Design, Art, and Code is divided into three sessions: group instruction, open studio time, and DesignCraft. Each day of camp starts off with group instruction, in which students learn basic HTML and CSS to create simple web pages. Students also learn to use Adobe Photoshop, focusing on visual design and photo manipulation, as well as understanding image editing tools and file formats. Further into the week, students program games and small interactive software applications using Processing JS. During open studio time, students play with visual design environments like Pixen and Tinkercad, learning how to create 2D pixel art, as well as 3D graphics and prints. This session also allows time for students to work on their individual projects. The day ends with DesignCraft, where students learn how to tweak the computer game Minecraft, adding and designing their own textures and spaces, creating new communities, and making mods. At the end of the week, the students put together a portfolio website showcasing what they've learned.