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Mobile journalists explain climate change

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Digital Planet: Mobile in the Museum

The Digital Planet program at The Field Museum invites Chicago youth to explore the issue of climate change, using digital and mobile media as a way to support and document their learning process. Youth participants play the role of "mobile journalist" as they explore a specific topic related to climate change. Equipped with mobile devices provided by the New Learning Institute, participants engage in the following sequence of activities in order to "uncover" their story and produce a video exposé that shares their understanding of the topic they selected:

  • Exploration | Explore The Field Museum to gain a deeper understanding of climate change.
  • Definition | Define your story. Select a topic, problem, or myth related to climate change.
  • Research | Conduct research on the topic, problem, or myth that your group defined.
  • Planning | Develop a plan to create your video exposé.
  • Production | Produce and share a video exposé that tells your revealing story about climate change.

With The Field Museum campus as the backdrop for their learning experiences, student participants engage in the following activities:

  • Exploring the Museum's Resources | Digital Planet participants visit the Climate Change and Evolving Planet exhibits to gain a better understanding of the issues.
  • Consulting with an Expert | Teens meet with a Field Museum scientist to learn more about the local effects of climate change.
  • Integrating Digital Media | As they engage in the exploration, research, and production process, participating youth use new media to apply their understanding of the elements of journalism and document their learning process.

Driven by guiding questions and tasks throughout these activities, youth participants construct relevant meaning and understanding that form the basis of their own video exposé project.

During the Digital Planet workshops, participants receive a series of "iField" story assignments that ask them to engage in exploration, research, planning, and production. Working in collaborative teams, workshop attendees post and share the digital media artifacts that they produce on the NLI social network and on the program's Tumblr site. Youth participants present their final "digital docs" in a showcase presentation for staff and community members at The Field Museum.