EDLAB: Mobile Learning Institute at the National Postal Museum

EDLAB at the National Postal Museum

21st century problem solvers

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About the EDLAB

The Mobile Learning Institute at the National Postal Museum (MLI-NPM) EDLAB is a collaborative space for educators and museum professionals to explore and establish best practices for the use of digital media within the museum learning environment. MLI-NPM is a space for a community of educators including classroom teachers, museum educators, students in teachers’ colleges, and graduate students in museum education. The practices being developed by these educators are youth-focused, but are not limited to a specific environment. The practices can be applied to a variety of spaces including museums, schools, communities, and virtual platforms. The learning model of MLI-NPM is inquiry-based and interest-driven, challenging educators to be collaborative and creative problem-solvers—and most importantly—to pass on this disposition to the young people they serve. The MLI-NPM is a place to test ideas, re-test them, implement them with young people inside and out of the classroom, then share them with the wider community of learners.

Summer 2012

EdLab is hosting 6 week-long education technology workshops in Washington, D.C. Each week teachers from all grade levels and subject areas team up to solve missions using museum collections, content experts and technology tools. The missions start within the museum, but then challenge teachers to make connections outside to engage real problems. After spending three days exploring museums, testing new technologies and using their 21st century skills, teachers create missions to bring back to their classrooms. These missions will challenge their own students to make connections between school and the real world, turning their learning space into a model classroom.

School Year 2012-2013

EdLab will partner with three Washington, D.C. public schools to holistically integrate its mission based learning pedagogy. EdLab will challenge the teachers, administration and PTA to think differently about education through a series of workshops throughout the year. With EdLab support, teachers will create, implement and evaluate missions in their own classrooms. EdLab will also partner with the existing after school programs to better connect the learning in and out of school. With EdLab's support and pedagogy, the partners will become model schools by changing their culture of learning.