How Freight Forwarders Can Help Your E-Commerce Business

Freight forwarding companies are very good at transporting goods in and out of Singapore in the most compliant way possible, but did you know they offer more than just convenient transport of goods? Here are nine things your freight forwarder here in Singapore can help you run your e-commerce business more profitably.

1. Ensure Compliance

International freight is complicated. You need to adhere to various laws and regulations of overseas countries, which you are not very familiar with. Otherwise, your goods will be put on hold or pay hefty fines before your shipment will be released. Ensuring compliance to rules and regulations is the most critical part of international freight, so it’s just practical to partner with a reliable logistics company.

2. Allow You to Focus at Work

Whether you own a large or small e-commerce business, chances are you are already a busy person; and handling product shipment yourself might just not be feasible. If you work with a shipping company, they have designated staffs to take care of logistics services. Since they have extensive experience, companies like freight master in Singapore have mastered the ins and outs of both air freight and sea freight, and have already developed a system to ensure legal compliance. Working with the right company will save you money and time, which means you can focus more on increasing your sales and improving your supply chain.

3. Understand Duty Rates

If you are selling different products and want to start offering new items, keep in mind that each type of product may be taxed differently. Some goods need further approval for shipping before they get cleared by customs. Not to mention that even some goods in the same category have significantly different tax rates. One example is footwear. Different types of footwear have different duties. You may be surprised to see tariffs at nearly 70 percent! By working with a freight forwarder, you can leverage your knowledge on duty rates to maximize savings.

4. Save Money from Shipping Costs

Alongside the savings you get from duty rates, freight forwarders can negotiate lower rates with shipping carriers due to the high volume of goods they transport regularly. But it is also important to consider the long-term benefits you get from excellent customer service and working with a shipping company that genuinely wants to help grow your business. While hiring a great company as your partner may require you to spend a little bit more, think of the financial benefits it can bring to your company in the long run.

5. Flexibility In Dealing with Emergency Situations

A seasoned shipping company offers flexibility and versatility, which come really helpful for meeting deadlines of shipments and handling unforeseen circumstances. An experienced freight forwarding services company has the right resources to handle unfortunate situations like delays and rerouted shipments. Imagine you are shipping goods to US, Europe and China, and one of them is rerouted to another country because of stormy weather? If you handle the transportation of goods yourself, how would you react to this problem? To an experienced Singapore shipping company, this is just a little hiccup they commonly encounter at work.

6. Less Hassle for You to Learn Terminologies

You know how different industries have their own language? Logistics services are no different to this—FCL, LCL ISF, FOB and TSA sound more like computer codes to uninitiated. Although you can learn the language over time, it might be a waste of resources as you’re making your way to expert level. An experienced logistics company already is an expert of this lingo and can translate everything for you if needed. So, the next time your supplier messages you with a bunch of jargon you just don’t understand, you have a partner to lean on.

7. Convenient Tracking Tools

Since you are an e-commerce, you want to have the tool or feature that allows you and your customers to track shipments. You want a system that monitors where your goods are in the importing/exporting process and when to expect the arrival of the items. With a freight forwarder, you are provided with a tracking number, which you will use to know the location of your shipment and its expected time of arrival (ETA). Whether it is sea freight, air freight or local freight, your logistics company will be able to provide you with accurate details of the status of your shipment.

8. They Can Do Blind Shipments for You

A blind shipment is the transportation of goods with one or more parties involved in the shipping unaware of each other’s identity. Product distributors usually request for blind shipments if they want the supplier to directly ship the goods to the customer without revealing either one’s identity. To maintain the anonymity, shipping with a logistics company is your best option.

9. Help Make Informed Decisions

There are some risks with shipping of goods. While some situations cannot be prevented, such as rough sea and bad weather, some can be managed easily. Significant events like Chinese New Year can disrupt transportation of goods to and from Singapore and other Asian countries. Also, peak seasons cause additional shipping costs, so it is important to work closely with your logistics partner. Your freight forwarder knows very well how to handle these scenarios and help you come up with the best solution possible.

In general, freight forwarders offer so many benefits to any kind of business, but most especially to e-commerce. They serve as the most efficient way to transport larger amounts of products at a more affordable price and reliable manner.

*This list is compiled in no particular order.*