Why Your Next Event Should be Coffee Catered

Singaporeans love a good cup of Joe. It keeps them awake and alert during the busy days and serves as a satiating break in the middle of the afternoon. Imagine starring this well-loved beverage in your next event. Wouldn’t it be a fun and unique idea?

Here in Singapore, coffee catering is not as common as traditional food catering when it comes to hosting parties and events. However, there are quite a number of great coffee caterers in town ready to service your event.
So, how do you ensure great coffee and efficient service for all your coffee-lover guests? Hire the best coffee catering and keep in mind these important points.

What types of event are suitable for coffee catering?

• Meetings and Conferences
These are usually the events where you’ll usually find a mobile coffee cart. Conference organizers would not want the delegates to roam outside the venue just to look for a coffee shop. Similarly, delegates are usually knowledgeable about coffees—and could even be coffee addicts—and wouldn’t settle with substandard cups of latte. To keep your guests intact and entertained, why not consider hiring a coffee push cart in your event venue?

• Exhibits and Public Events
Getting a mobile coffee cart from Singapore for casual events like exhibits and other public events is always a good idea. Guests in these events are usually on their feet for long hours, so having a professional coffee barista around serving mobile coffee helps a lot to provide better experience for your guests and perhaps give them a reason to stay longer.

• Gala Dinners
After a glamorous dinner, serving hot beverages to guests adds an extra luxe to your luxurious event. Instead of doing rounds of tea or instant coffee, consider serving freshly made cappuccino or hot chocolate to end the party. Whether you serve a cup for every guest or have a coffee push cart available at a corner of the room, having your event coffee catered will surely be appreciated by your guests.

• Weddings
Who says you cannot serve coffee in weddings? While all weddings hire food catering, many couples nowadays are also hiring coffee catering for a touch of luxury and uniqueness to the occasion. Guests feel impressed and excited to see a barista serving everyone specialty hot drinks.

A mobile coffee cart works well for both indoor and outdoor setting, and is a big hit among the guests towards the end of the reception and in between the reception and ceremony. We advise getting a cart that doesn’t only serve coffee, but other beverages as well, such as hot chocolate and mocha frappes.

Reasons to Have a Coffee-Catered Event
1. Coffee gives that sense of camaraderie. Ever wonder why it’s a common thing for people to talk about things over a cup of coffee? It’s because coffee stimulates conversation that connects people. Bring that feature to your next event, and you’ll have attentive guests making friends and socializing with one another.

2. It adds sophistication to your event. Cocktail bars are so mainstream. Cappuccino, espresso and latte are the newest party drinks in town. It is among the popular picks for beverages for mature and sophisticated people.

3. It’s a great addition to regular bars. Having a coffee cart available is great especially for guests who will need some sobering up later in the event. And there’s nothing better than a shot of espresso before sending them home.

4. It’s a touch of glamour for an affordable price. Hiring a specialty mobile coffee cart isn’t as expensive as you think it is. In most cases, a two-hour coffee push cart service costs lesser than spending on a four-tier fondant wedding cake.

5. Including specialty coffee to your catering is seen as socially responsible. It simply means you’re thinking about the welfare of everyone in your event. You’re providing options for everyone, including your non-alcoholic guests, and provide a great option to sober up before ending the event.

6. A coffee bar can reduce insurance costs. Some event insurance costs less if you’re having a coffee bar instead of a cocktail or alcohol bar. Try checking with your event organizer or venue coordinator for this matter.

7. It leaves a lasting impression. A coffee push cart serving specialty coffee is like no other. It simply is effortlessly unique that will create a buzz about your event.

8. It provides positive branding. Your coffee caterer can customize their mobile coffee cart to represent your brand. Your company logo or name can be used as their signage or even printed on cups, which will be served to guests.

9. Coffee bars are flexible. Coffee carts can accommodate and will suit almost all types of events. From meetings, product launches and trade shows to reunions, weddings and even birthday parties (for adults), coffee push cart serves as a great catering choice.

10. It just satisfies the NEED for coffee. Maybe not everyone loves coffee. But most likely, most of we know do. Just the aroma of brewed coffee relaxes us, what more a sip of freshly made one? With a coffee cart in your event, your guests can choose any type of coffee to satisfy their coffee cravings—hot or cold, thick or thin, pure or sweetened.

Getting a coffee catering will add an extra oomph to your event. It is a unique addition that will impress your guests at meetings, conventions, corporate events and even special family gatherings.

Note: This list is compiled in no particular order.